Temporary Staffing: Is It the Future

As COVID-19 is disrupting the world, – every market, every industry, and everything else that we can think of – the world is turning to freelancers or temp staffing. The situation is the same with businesses because temp staff offers more flexibility and cost-effective functioning.

Looking at the current situations, it is likely that the culture of temporary staffing in India will only grow. Hence, to help you adopt the increasing demands of temp staff in India, we have explained everything you need to know. Dive in and start reading.

What is Temp Staffing?

Before we understand how temp staffing is changing and what are the growth options with temp staffing solutions in 2020, let’s see what is temp staffing.

As the name suggests, temp staffing means hiring temporary staff. Of course, a lot of questions come to mind after reading this:

What is the pay?

What is the procedure?

What does temporary staff mean?

What does temporary hiring mean?

Let’s understand all these questions with an example:

John is the manager of a company and he has pitched 10 clients in the previous months. However, John’s company doesn’t have enough employees to handle the demand. Apparently, they also don’t have an HR team to handle the hiring. Further, the company is not right in a position to hire a full team of HR employees to fulfil the demands.

Is it okay for John’s company to leave it to fate?

Or is it the right route to hire so many employees?

Certainly not. Temporary staffing services in India can help in this case. John’s company can hire temporary staff, who are hired on a fixed salary on a project basis. Once the project ends, the contract ends.

In simple words, here are the features of temporary staff:

    • You can hire staff on a temporary basis.
    • This staff is hired on a contract for a particular time period or a project.
    • You can decide the payment mode beforehand.
    • You don’t have to take care of this staff and offer them benefits.
    • You don’t have to pay an additional salary after the work is completed.

How Temp Staffing Helps Your Organization Grow?

Traditionally, temp staffing companies in Pune were not that popular. But, with changing demands and workplace environment, it is now more feasible for organizations to hire staff on demand.

Let’s move forward and understand how temporary staffing in India can help you grow your organization and improve cost-effectiveness.

Perfect Workload Spread

Think about it, if you are a startup, then hiring a full-time team can be much costlier than hiring temp staff. Hence, naturally, you may hire less full-time staff when compared to hiring temp staff.

As a result, with fewer full-time employees, the workload is not evenly spread. So, each of the employees is almost always overloaded with too much work. They are devoid of work-life balance and employee satisfaction also reduces.

Hiring temp staff can improve the situation. Whenever you have a new project coming in, for which you don’t have enough people, you can hire temp staff. These people will work on a project basis and even help you complete it before the deadline. Your full-time employees may not be overloaded and the workload spread will be perfect.

Proper Skills

Due to the lack of skill spread, many times, one employee has to assume different roles. This also reduces efficiency and increases the work of the employees. Further, sometimes, asking one employee to do several roles of different skill-sets fails to offer expertise. This can reduce the efficiency of the project.

Hiring temp staff also means getting people who are dedicated to one field. These people know what they are doing. Thus, the outcome is much better.

Hiring a full-time expert can prove to be very costly. This is also why temp staff is great for startups and mid-sized organizations.

Eliminate Orientation

When you hire any full-time employee, your HR team has to spend a lot of time in grooming these employees. This is to help them adjust to the environment and workflows of the office.

However, temp staff is not here to stay, so, they are used to getting to work as soon as they arrive. These people might start working immediately after you brief them. Hence, in a way, a temp staffing agency can reduce your hassle and HR team’s work. They can focus on improving the productivity of their existing employees and focus on more strategic roles.

Scale Capacity

When you don’t have proper staff, you are unable to scale your capacity and operations. This is because if you are unable to hire and take care of more full-time employees, you are unable to get in projects or introduce services that your current staff can’t handle.

Temp staffing eliminates this issue by offering staff on-demand. You can scale your operations, introduce new services, and innovate new products.

Importance of Temporary Staffing in India

By far, we have discussed how temp staffing can help us achieve business growth. In this section, we will discuss the importance of temporary staff.

Moving Beyond Economic Uncertainty

There are multiple reasons because of which temp staffing in India is more important now. We have discussed many of these reasons in the previous section.

One of the major reasons for this shift is economic uncertainty. Right now, we are experiencing a complete lockdown and coronavirus has completely disrupted the market. In a situation like this, a lot of companies are losing their hard-earned money. Client responses are slow and overall every industry functioning has slowed down.

Here, there are two types of companies and one of these is finding it fairly easy to survive.
    1. Companies that have only full-time employees are struggling to pay employees because they are not making any money and most of their employees are not doing any work.
    2. Companies that have some full-time employees and some temp staff are struggling but the situation is better because they are able to still utilize their few full-time employees.
    3. The second type is surviving better in this environment than the first type. Although we have this situation now, even when the lockdown lifts and market go up, the second type would be able to adjust better. This is because they may be easily able to scale their requirements of temp staff without hassle in a cost-effective manner.
    4. However, the first type may have to spend a lot of money on hiring employees and maintaining them. Overall, the situation may hit the first type harder than usual.
Here’s another example:

If you have 5 employees and you have a project which doesn’t match the expertise of any of the employees, what would you do?

Hiring is not always the best route. If you take in temp staff, you can complete the project with this employee and end the contract. You don’t have to keep paying the employee for the months you don’t have any requirements. It is simply hassle-free, cost-effective, and extremely beneficial for short-term projects.


Temporary staffing is an effective route that can not only help small and mid-sized organizations but also aid the functioning of large companies. The fluctuating demands of the organization or department can be easily handled in a cost-effective manner through temp staff.

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