As a company, you have always wanted to run organized and efficient payroll for your employees. Payroll that is error-free and consistently delivered on the actual target date, every single month. We know that bringing in automation, building technology and a team that can understand and implement these changes for you is not easy.

However, engaging with Paysquare and leveraging their award winning technology that ensures consistency.

Here are some advantages of moving to outsourced payroll with Paysquare, right now, in the months of Jan-Mar and ensure error-free operations. Also you do not need to defer your decision to outsource your payroll to the next financial year, as you can start deriving benefits from your payroll outsourcing decision almost instantaneously.

Why outsourcing make sense in January?

It makes the load of work easy and reduce the concerned of finding employee in the market. Outsourcing will not only give you the best service but will also break down all the cultural obstacles to create a long lasting organization.

Why outsourcing make sense in February?

In the month of February, it’s the right time to understand the compliances to avoid risking legal liabilities. Outsourcing not only lessen your burden but keep make themselves updated about all the rules, regulations , taxes, penalties and many more.

Why outsourcing make sense in march?

If you can’t handle your own payroll then it’s better to get someone else who can do it more specialized way and try their full to not occur any error.

Here are some other benefits of outsourcing in the month of janfeb-march:

Form 16 benefits

We process form 16 for the previous year, including collecting documents, managing tax reconciliation and issuing physical Form 16 to all your employees.

Payroll process gets stabilized even before you enter the next FY

While we manage outsourced payroll, we even run historical payroll using your past payroll data, so that you are confident of going live on the new platform. As you enter the next FY, you are already on a robust payroll solution.

Statutory Compliance taken care of

  • We take care of all your statutory compliances and deductions for the previous FY, so that there are no hassles involved for you to continue managing it
  • Per month billing really starts only when the payroll is live
  • We take around 3-6 weeks to migrate the data, map the payroll logic, historical run and parallel run from the start of our engagement.
  • The actual billing starts only after the 1st live run. The early we start, the better it works.

Paysquare is a specialist in managing outsourced payroll and is the preferred partner for 300+ clients. With 13+ years of strong domain experience, Paysquare processes over 1,50,000 monthly payroll records.

To know how Paysquare can help to manage your Payroll process, please contact us today! Free consultation

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