Temporary Staffing Agencies in India in recent years have reshaped the way seasonal employees are hired. With an ever-increasing demand for temporary employees for a specialized job role or increased seasonal business, temporary staffing agencies have proved to be a potential player in the market.   Temp Staffing Services In India   Temporary employees fall under the payroll of the staffing company who pays for the salaries and provide benefits while they're working under the end-employer. The company understands that the tenure is fixed and on a short-term basis which can only be extended by a mutual agreement. However, in many cases, temporary employees do get permanently placed if the end-employer values the individual's skills.  As more and more companies are expanding their businesses and taking up special projects and short ventures, it is becoming a popular trend to hire a temporary team of experts and individual specialists, thereby reducing further retraining cost of internal employees and boosting the workforce without complications. Hiring an effective workforce that positively aligns with your business' resources and overall objectivity, may pose a bit of a challenge. It will require you to meticulously evaluate and select the most appropriate Staffing Agency that will be the best fit for your organizational requirement.

Do You Require a Temporary Staffing Agency?

Hiring a temporary or seasonal employee may be the right solution but it is not always easy to determine the right time for the hire. 

Let's look into some of the most important grounds when a company hires temporary staff:

Temp Staffing Services In India

# To Meet Increased Seasonal Business

To start off, it is highly crucial to determine the seasons when businesses tend to spike. For example, a sudden increase in sales volume in the retail business during festive months. 

Businesses with increased seasonal demands mandate temporary staffing to quickly fill the organizational demands gap. 

The staffing agency with its specialization can better understand your marketplace thus enhancing the profitability and ensuring a smooth business operation by managing the increased workload during peak periods.

# Necessity of Statutory Compliance

Temporary staffing agencies like Paysquare are an expert in payroll management. They manage employee benefit plans, timely disbursement of salaries, and maintain all statutory data which is required by the government authorities. They also offer well-crafted standard benefits and also client-specific benefits to all its employees. 

Standard benefits are inclusive of CTC including various components of earnings, deductions like PF/ESIC, Group/Personal accident insurance benefits, and client-specific benefits are inclusive of leave policy, retirement benefits, claims, and reimbursement policies.

# Support and Assistance for Retraining of Existing Employees

In cases where businesses undertake a major shift or transformation, it is mandatory for existing employees to be retrained to suit the new technologies and workflow. 

For which it is highly crucial to have the right temporary staff who are extensively skilled to handle the changing work pattern and are suited for specific jobs. An efficient staffing agency supports the re-skilling of existing employees by introducing new programs as required by the business. 

In addition, temp staffing service providers like Paysquare handle all the benefits and administration of the employee and give them benefits at par with the permanent employees making it lucrative for them to join on a temporary term.

# For Fast Business Expansions

It is often noticed that businesses that are fast-expanding (like well-funded startups) lack the desired workforce and management to meet the volume of work which is needed to be executed. They may not have the right management team to efficiently handle all statutory compliance and payroll. 

All these complexities can be easily worked out when the task is outsourced to a temporary staffing agency like Paysquare!

# Niche Skills Required for a Special Project

In the current market, every project requires a certain specialized skill, mostly in the domain of web designing, coding, accounting, etc. 

Understanding such special needs, Paysquare offers payroll services across several industry verticals, catering to requirements of leading names in BFSI, consumer durables, retail, telecom, chemical, manufacturing, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare sectors.

Hire Now and Enhance Your Business Profitability! 

Temporary staffing agencies In India are transforming quickly and have systematized themselves into guaranteeing competence and efficiency. 

Choose an agency like Paysquare that demonstrates high professionalism, satisfies your staffing payroll needs, and enhances productivity by providing periodic reports on salary statements, loans and advances, compliance checks, and much more!


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