You've got a major project but don't have the manpower. Getting the right staff at very short notice is extremely difficult, if not outright impossible. Your solution, temporary employees. Just getting a new temporary employee is not enough, you must make sure that the on boarding process is done in a professional way. The on boarding process comprises interviewing the candidate, completing the pre-offer formalities like conducting a background check, ensuring proper orientation about the company's processes and products so that the employee understands his responsibilities. The best way to on board a new employee would be by interacting with them to help deal with their fears and be completely transparent so that the role described to them and the actual job is not different. Reasons to outsource Payroll  

What Are the 10 Steps for Onboarding a New Temporary Employees?

The process of onboarding new temporary employees can be an excellent experience if automation is used for filling up of forms or training is conducted through videos. You should help them get over their initial anxiety and help them understand the company's expectations. Employees will get off to a better start. Here are the important steps to be followed:

1. Signing the offer letter

After the temporary employees are shortlisted, you need to send them an offer letter which will contain the detailed breakup of their CTC, detailed job description including statutory benefits, leave policy, conduct and so on. The employee needs to sign the duplicate copy of the offer letter as a token of acceptance.

2. Completing the employee information form

The temporary employees then need to fill up an employee information form which will be provided by temp staffing agencies like Paysquare. This form will include all the personal data including name, the number of family members, permanent and communication address, date of birth, and so on.  Existing provident fund number, if any, should also be mentioned. Professional data including the previous employment history are also part of the employee information form.

3. Sending a welcome letter

Once the temporary employees have completed the induction process, the temp staffing agency will issue a welcome letter to the employee. The welcome letter will have an encouraging tone and talk about the employee's responsibilities, the name of their supervisor, facilities offered by the company and so on.

4. Documents checklist

Documents required for identity proof include passport, driving license, PAN Card, or Aadhar card. Rent agreement, Voter ID card, passport, or Aadhar card can be submitted as address proof.

Work experience documents like salary slips, relieving letter, self-attested copies of educational certificates and two passport size photographs are also needed.

5. Background verification

The background verification process will include examining the candidate's employment records, graduation degree, school certificates, legal records, and credit scores. The previous employer is contacted to verify details, conduct, performance and so on. The temp staffing firm also verifies the residential address to check whether it is genuine or not.

6. Reference check

When it comes to hiring, especially at the senior levels, a reference check is required. The candidate has to provide two relevant references after which the temp staffing agency contacts these references who have vouched for the candidate's competency. This will help the temp staffing agency determine whether the candidate really has the skills mentioned in the resume.

7. Employee handbook

While onboarding new temporary employees, an employee handbook is given to each employee. It contains all relevant information like the rules to be followed, company policies, what the company expects from the employees. The company's vision and mission, perks, grievance redress procedures, termination procedure and so on.

8. Bank Account

Every temporary employee is required to open a salary account at a designated bank. Since the temporary employees are on the payroll of the temp staffing firm, the temp staffing firm opens a bank account for them where the salaries are paid.

9. Statutory dues

When it comes to temporary employees, all the government regulations related to permanent employees apply. The statutory requirements in terms of the Employee Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance Scheme need to be met. Non-compliance with any of these requirements would result in heavy penalties. Deductions for employee provident fund need to be submitted to the concerned provident fund department on time.

10. Appointment letter

Finally, after all the documents have been submitted and the required forms have been filled up, the candidate is issued an appointment letter. The appointment letter signifies that the temp staffing firm has completed the background check and reference check to its satisfaction. It contains information regarding the length of the contract, salary, scope of the job, the joining date and a confidentiality agreement.

Every employee, including temporary employees, need to sign a confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure agreement which says that no confidential information will be disclosed by the employee to outsiders.

The appointment letter is proof that the employee will be part of the temp staffing company for a contracted period.

Get the Best On boarding Experience

Onboarding new temporary employees is a tedious process. All the statutory formalities need to be complied with apart from issuing the offer and appointment letter.

With over 17 years of experience in payroll outsourcing and compliance, Paysquare is your ideal partner when it comes to on boarding new temporary employees.

Paysquare provides end-to-end solutions starting from issuing the appointment letter, background verification, checking references, opening a salary account, to registrations for Employee Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance Corporation.

These temporary employees are well motivated as they are paid salaries on time and at par with the in-house staff, get all the statutory benefits, thus leading to higher productivity.

With Paysquare taking care of the on-boarding formalities, companies are free to focus on client retention as well as business expansion leading to higher profits.

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