Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider in Singapore

Paysquare is an end-to-end payroll outsourcing service provider in Singapore for small, medium, and large organizations.

Our services offer accurate calculations and timely payroll dispatch.

We ensure professional administration, absolute confidentiality in payroll services.

We offer multi-country MIS support with a seamless multi-currency setup.


    Paysquare Consultancy LTD is a preferred partner of companies such as Volkswagen, Tata Power, Eaton, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, JCB, Zensar, Atlas, Entercoms, Mitsubishi Elevators. We offers robust and scalable payroll and HR solutions that streamline functioning of small, medium, and large businesses.

    In every company, success is defined by the team they have; which means the right people and the right timing. If you are finding it hard to retain your right people due to payroll glitches, we can help you. Our skilled experts provide high-quality payroll management services that lead to business growth and success.

    Further, our experience empowers us to understand your unique business needs and offer you an undeniable package. From seamless compliance to state-of-art tools, we can help you streamline payroll workflows and receive optimum return on investment. Paysquare is also ISO27001, ISAE3402, and SSAE16 certified, and GDPR compliant. We use ISMS policies to ensure global standard data security, management, privacy, backup, and confidentially.

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    Key Differentiators

    Advanced Reporting

    Paysquare outsourced payroll services in Singapore allows advanced reporting to its clients. At the end of the month, we offer reports that reveal insights related to payroll processes.

    Payroll Processing

    During payroll calculations, we help you compute CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF, SDL, FWL values based on residential status, tenure, and age of the employee, so that you can upload the data to the CPF website. Our team additionally supports TDS calculations as per Singapore rules, and offers remittance services for taxes, salaries, and CPF.
    Everything is delivered to customers on time. Our global payroll outsourcing services are designed to deliver excellence and quality.

    Innovative Technology

    Paysquare uses the latest tools and enhanced technologies that help in seamless working and advanced automation. We also offer employee self-service portal for easy services.

    Reasonable Charges

    Our outsourced payroll services in Singapore are reasonable when it comes to our professional charges. Considering the money you are spending in-house, you will get competitive rates with us.

    Swift Resolution

    When your employees have queries, we ensure swift resolution. This means that if you reach us for support, our team provides quick solutions to avoid any hassle to you.


    100% Compliance

    We help you fill Appendix 8B or Form IR8S, IR21 (foreign worker tax clearance), Form IR8A, and Appendix 8A for all your employees in Singapore. Additionally, you can receive support in monthly, quarterly, and annual returns, and e-submission of maternity, NS men make-up pay, and child care claims.

    Benefits Of Choosing Our Payroll Services In Singapore



    Payroll outsourcing companies in Singapore offer accuracy. Payroll calculations can be taxing and outsourcing helps automate these tasks and ensure accuracy.


    Data Privacy

    With outsourcing services, you can be assured of data privacy. The provider uses advanced security tools to protect your sensitive data from theft and attack.



    If you look at it, then outsourcing payroll is cost-effective. The capital expense of tools and resources is mitigated and the provider just charges you a fixed fee.


    Less hassle

    There’s peace in streamlined payroll services. Just by reaching the provider, we can get most of the work done. There are zero glitches or challenges.


    Expert advice

    Whenever your business needs expert advice on payroll matters, experienced employees of the provider assist you to mitigate challenges.



    Every process of the provider is transparent and visible to the client. This means you can check the progress of payroll and understand every stage.

    Trusted Payroll Outsourcing Partner In Singapore

    Paysquare third-party payroll outsourcing in Singapore is a trusted and reliable partner for international payroll processing. Due to our decades of experience in the outsourcing landscape, we understand the intricacies of the global payroll service for SMEs and large companies. The laws are ever-changing and rules are modified too often. However, we have workflows that streamline these glitches and ensure accurate and compliant payroll under any circumstances.

    The reason why businesses in Singapore rely on us and trust our payroll processing outsourcing is because of our transparent structure. We allow the customers to get involved at every stage and understand how we complete payroll tasks. This builds users’ trust in the brand.

    To strengthen this relationship, we also secure your sensitive data and allow recovery in times of disaster or human errors. Contact us for payroll services now!

    Challenges in Payroll processing

    Every organization faces challenges in payroll without a team to manage their hassles. The reason is we are more inclined towards our core business function, which is not payroll! However, with a payroll outsourcing service provider in Singapore, you can mitigate these challenges. They have the right people, skills, and experience to help you through the following challenges,

    These challenges, whether minor or big, end up impacting your office efficiency. You may experience poor employee satisfaction, lower HR productivity, and irritable employees. A payroll solution provider in Singapore can help you eliminate these challenges and ensure quick compliance, accurate payroll, automation, and advanced query resolution.


    Calculation mistakes


    Payroll delay


    Inaccurate tax payments


    Compliance issues


    Manual work


    MIS generation

    Why Paysquare?

    Paysquare is a widely recognised name in the international market due to its seamless payroll services and support. As a payroll outsourcing service provider in Singapore, Paysquare has gained recognition through its high efficiency, quality, and consultancy. Whether your business is struggling through hectic and erroneous calculations or tax complications, we help you achieve accuracy.

    Through our market experience and skills in payroll, we are able to understand the requirements of different industries and cater to client needs accordingly. Our nurtured and expert team adds to our experience and help us serve different types of customers.

    Contact us now and ensure that your payroll is being handled correctly.

    Did You Know?

    In Singapore, payroll processing includes specific regulations and rules that take into account local and foreign workers. While employers are not expected to withhold any monthly deductions, they still need to contribute to schemes under social security, such as Skill Development Levy, CPF, and Foreign Workers Levy.

    Further, in Singapore, you need to offer itemised payslips to every employee of the organization. However, you can give online payslips, so that makes your work simpler. This payslip should contain employment details like payment date, basic salary, net salary, and deductions.

    Any foreign organization in Singapore should take help from a global payroll provider to navigate different laws and compliance regulations. This will ensure that your employees are accurately paid on time.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Payroll Company?

    Every business, small, medium or large needs to process salary payments (payroll) to its employees. This process of doing the entire payroll calculations including tax deductions applicable and the end to end process of managing all the filing and compliances related to the payroll is called payroll processing. A company that offers payroll processing as a service is typically called payroll company. A payroll company make it easy for small, medium u0026 large businesses to streamline their business operations. Paysquare is a leading payroll company in India, which helps organizations in end to end payroll processing. From payroll calculations to tax deductions to finalizing bank files for depositing employees’ salary directly to their bank accounts, Paysquare does it all. Along with all this, Paysquare also provides web based access to employees and HR admins, where they can access their payslips and tax related information through secure logins.

    What are the features of Payroll Outsourcing company?

    Payroll outsourcing companies help you to improve productivity by saving time, efforts and costs incurred for carrying out payroll operations in-house. Payroll outsourcing companies have a wide range of payroll specialization for different industries, like for e.g. some organizations offer flexible savings accounts, or retirement account options, and some provide specific tax saving proposals, insurance payments helping the business owner to deliver efficient payroll through better productivity.

    Improved efficiency of employees

    Payroll outsourcing companies process the payroll day in and day out with the high availability of expert pool and better awareness of technical and legal norms. Efficiency is achieved by outsourcing to specialized payroll experts ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.

    Accurate tax returns filing

    Tax returns are filed accurately and on time to ensure that there are no compliance related issues. Cost savings is one of the major benefits delivered by payroll outsourcing companies. High penalties can be avoided by making sure that tax returns are filed on time and accurately.

    Using best of technology

    Payroll outsourcing firms use latest and advanced software programs for payroll processing, tax computation for minimizing errors and delays. This ensures high degree of automation in the entire payroll processing process and ensures that manual errors are minimized or eliminated.

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