The temporary staffing services are a cost-effective choice as they provide a “faster, better, and precise solution.” Due to economic slowdown, cost-saving is the single most crucial factor today. To maximize profit in business, company owners and managers have to make smart decisions and lookout for ways to save money. In such a scenario, if a company needs a workforce to fulfill the employee shortage of extraordinary talent for a particular or seasonal project, then they need to go for temporary staff instead of hiring a full-time staff. At this stage, the service of the temporary staffing agency is utilized to get the temporary staff and complete the job. Hiring staff is tough, but managing them is more critical. This is where the temp staffing agency comes in and plays a crucial role. The temp staffing works like your own company’s HR department and takes care of the entire hiring process from issuing the offer letter, on-boarding them to the printing of the termination letter from employment. The temp staffing agency enrolls the temp staff in their payroll and administers the complete payroll activities like statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments. Thus temporary staffing agency relieves the organizations’ HR department from these tedious tasks and allows them to focus on other critical activities. Therefore employers are jumping on board with third party temporary staffing in recent years, and it’s on the rise. Temporary staffing consultancy is not easy. There are enormous challenges, but it is the right choice and cost-effective solution for the companies. 

Here are the Top 6 Benefits Temporary Staffing Services Offer

1. Cost-Saving

temp staffing

The temp staffing firm performs all the HR activities from issuing offer letters, on-boarding staff, their salaries, provident fund, income tax, benefits, and so on. Thus they relieve the HR department from these hassles during their busy periods. This way, they reduce the operating cost of an organization, which is a vast saving else an organization needs to hire a separate HR unit for the administration of temporary staff.

2. Improved Productivity

The temp staffs work in the facility of client companies but receive salary and benefits from the temp staffing agencies. The temp staff remuneration is being taken care of by the temp staffing firm in an efficient manner with complete transparency. If the temp staffs have any doubts related to their salary, they can clarify it with the temp staffing agency.

The temp staffing firm is beneficial since they credit the salary on time every time. Therefore, temp staffs are pleased employees and s a result they are productive. This benefits the entire organization and increases turnover.

3. Time-Saving

The temp staff is enrolled in the payroll of temp staffing firm till their contract period. They take care of all time-consuming activities and administrative tasks from hiring, payroll, HR to compliance functions. Also, save time for the in-house HR department to invest in more significant activities. The in-house HR department can spend their valuable time in planning and strategizing for the future growth of a business.

4. High Employee Morale

The temp staffing firm process the employee payroll, which is the most crucial task in any organization. They pay their salary on time with all clearances, which make them happy and boost their morale high.

The high morale also benefits and strengthens our relations with employees, which plays a significant factor in retaining them. Thus temp staffing firm plays a massive role in maintaining the morale of employees to the financial stability of the company.

5. Legal Compliance

The temp staffing firm is well aware of all financial rules and regulations to be take care of before releasing the paycheck for each employee. They ensure and take care of all the laws that organizations have to comply in India like minimum wages, deductions, benefits, income tax, provident funds, gratuity, ESIC.

Thus the temp staffing act as the central point for all temporary staffing requirements, including labor law compliance and other legal issues, and reduces the burden from administrative tasks. This way, they protect the organization from severe fines and penalties associated with it.

6. Larger profits

As mentioned, the temp staffing firm process the payroll of the temp staff members. They take complete responsibility for issuing offer letters, verify their submitted documents, do the reference check, statutory registrations. 

When the temp staffing takes charge they can concentrate on serving the present client in a better way and get the new clients for higher profits since the entire payroll processing will be taken care of by the payroll outsourcing firm.

What can be done for Effective Temp Staffing?

temporary staffing services As an essential business function a effective temp staffing is required for an organization. They benefit the organization in many ways:
  • Temp staffing firm play a key role in keeping employee satisfaction level high.
  • They protect from hefty fines, interest penalties, or back payments.
  • They save time and reduce operating costs.
  • Temp staffing also build a strong relationship with employees as they rely on their data.

These steps to create an effective temp staffing /payroll system:

  1. Temp staffing firm should have a thorough understanding of your business, so the time tracking and monitoring of other factors can be done correctly.
  2. They should gather the data online in an organized manner using the software and spreadsheets.
  3. They should follow a calendar, including all the process steps allowing a realistic amount of time for completion.
  4. The temp staffing firm should conduct regular audits of the complete process to tackle as many issues as possible.
  5. They should be compliant with the most recent laws and regulations.
  6. They should establish a transparent payroll policy and stick to it.

The above steps help you in establishing effective temp staffing but don’t cover the entire possible situation. You can opt for the Paysquare temp staffing solutions which deliver cost-efficient, full service, and effective temporary staffing services to organizations that do not have the essential infrastructure or the readiness to carry out such laborious chores.

Best pocket-friendly staffing agencies in India

Paysquare is one of the leading and credible temp staffing agencies in India. Paysquare works wonders for you as they take care of complete HR function, from start to finish, so you can focus on more critical tasks that command your attention. They have worked with various industry verticals and provided their best service to meet customized client requirements across the sectors from manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, retails, consumer durable, and healthcare.

Hiring Paysquare as your temp staffing partner is easy and effortless as they operate as your HR department and take care of complete HR functions. By using the services of Paysquare, you will be free of HR administrative and management hassles of your staff because Paysquare provides end to end staffing solutions. They help in reducing your cost, time, and money without affecting your productivity. Instead, they enhance your performance and profitability.


Temp staffing plays a pivotal role in a company’s operation. Temporary staffing services are cost-effective in many aspects. As a result, demand for temp staffing services has increased globally.

Follow the steps shared above to make the temp staffing effective as it provides many benefits and empower the organization. We are always happy to help you with all your staffing needs.

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