The Leave management process can be defined as the process through which employees of an organization request leave from work from their supervisors or line managers. It is based on the concerned organization’s policies of granting leaves to their employees. Leave management is a crucial human resource activity that usually consumes a significant portion of the HR team’s time and efforts. The HR personnel must ensure compliance with leave policies and guarantee the availability of sufficient staff at all times amidst ensuring that employee satisfaction is retained. A reliable leave management process system is important for an organization as research has shown that poor leave management practices negatively affect employee performance. It can also lead to a negative impact on project deliverables.  

HR Leave Management Process - An analysis of the process

It is observed that manually administered leave management programs are costly and often result in errors. Therefore, it is necessary to have automated leave management process in place, thereby adding value by streamlining the organization’s leave data. Majority of human resources and line managers struggle with leave management process flow and, in particular, how to best balance employee needs with their business objectives.  The following ten quick tips about leave management can help managers in this and these –

1. Plan for Employee Vacation in Advance

Planning in advance helps line managers to prepare and ensure that productivity is not compromised. It aids in managing employee vacation in a way that they always have a backup employee who can take care of the work while someone (employee) is on vacation.  

2. Using Leave Management Software to Spot Trends

The HR leave management processes must be managed by using management software with automated employee absence software in place that is integrated with the Time and Attendance. This software allows employee absence data to be shown on the manager’s home screen for immediate access and convenient follow up.

3. Being Considerate of the Need for Extended Leaves

The right for an extended leave is governed by national/local laws as well as your own organizational policies. Training managers should respond appropriately and demonstrate compassion when employees request for extended leave. A negative reaction on part of managers about extended leave would reflect poorly on the organization as a whole.

4. Setting Realistic Return to Work Schedules

Line managers or supervisors should have some awareness about medical leave guidelines. Using of leave management software to identify the recommended return timeline for a given leave will help much.

5. Network within the HR Community

As an HR manager, you would be benefited if you keep yourself updated by becoming a member of associations such as Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) that might help keep you informed.  

6. Providing Tools for Management

As an HR manager, you should see that resources are available in the form of management tools such as leave management process flowchart to help you in swiftly approving or rejecting leave requests based on resource availability.  

7. Providing Staff with Leave Planner

Managers should provide their staff with a leave planner so that they can view the resources available on any given day and the concerned employee would be reluctant to apply for leave on a day when several of his/her colleagues are already absent.  

8. Setting Up a Clear Leave Notice Period

Employees are expected to give proper notice when applying for vacation time, but as an HR manager, it is your responsibility to be flexible according to the concerned employee’s situation.  

9. Keeping Up to Date with Legislation and Laws

As an HR manager, you should be up to date with the latest legislation about your employees leave policies.

10. Automating the Payroll Processes

It is important to automate the process of importing leave data into your payroll with appropriate software solutions that can help in relieving the burden of administration issues. The above mentioned ten tips if adhered to would help in successful implementation of leave management.  

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