Employers, entrepreneurs, business owners! Admit it; employees are your greatest asset and you will never chance out on playing with their happiness. Consequently, you are on a constant lookout for opportunities to increase their participation in a variety of activities and subtly check their engagement level with the company. By experience, you know innumerable ways to do that. But haven’t you always wondered if there was some method which is versatile enough and addresses your employee engagement concerns as well, together with the regular tasks? Wouldn’t you be happy engaging your HR personnel in taking some value yielding initiatives instead of busying themselves in routine jobs? Well, the answer is here in the form of MY PAYROLL and it comes from, none other than India’s listed payroll management company Paysquare. How employees benefit from MYPAYROLL? The good thing about MYPAYROLL is that it comprises assorted characteristics because it is designed to meet a variety of aspects that a company’s management or HR team wants to take care of. Unlike most other software or online applications which stay restrained to specific things, MYPAYROLL becomes the bridge that connects you well with your employees with its amazing attributes. While the majority of agencies and their systems stay stuck their role in managing and administering online payroll, Paysquare’s MYPAYROLL allows your employees to:
  • Access the web portal with unique login id.
  • Raise queries online and get their resolution.
  • Participate in a range of company driven activities such as surveys, training, modules, etc.
  • Compute tax and generate tax sheets online.
  • Obtain online payroll information in one click.
  • Stay abreast with the latest updates on payroll and others from Human Resource.
HR payroll outsourcing – need of the hour: If you want your business to grow, you must focus the energies of your key personnel on business. You may be simply underutilizing their potential and wasting their talent if they remain occupied in conventional paperwork, such as preparing payrolls, maintaining records, tracking employees' leave reports and so on! Allow your HR professionals to add value to your business by offloading them for better manpower onboarding, talent hunt and for initiating better ways for employee retention. When your HR department remains engrossed in qualitatively rich assignments, the outcome can bring enormous rewards to your business. Let online payroll administration and management be taken care by a professional agency. This move can be the game-changer as it can earn you lasting benefits and unprecedented profit. Additionally, by outsourcing payroll to a committed agency, you save significant time and resources. Paysquare is the front line agency headquartered in Pune which constitutes a perfect mix of expertise and experience. The agency renders outstanding payroll management services as its employees industry’s best HR professionals for it. Paysquare has developed an all-encompassing and handy online portal which comprises a range of automated functions. It is identically beneficial to employees as well as employers or HR administrators. Providing many innovative solutions to businesses, Paysquare is the top preference for companies in Pune and many other parts of India. To know how Paysquare can help to manage your Payroll process, please contact us today! Free consultation

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