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Payroll has a critical role to play in an organization’s growth strategy. Associated with workforce management -a key to employee retention and ability to scale, payroll management impacts business in multiple ways. However, achieving optimized and agile payroll is a challenge that most organizations find difficult to cope with.


    We offer complete payroll outsourcing and payroll management services.

    Payroll outsourcing has emerged as one of the best and most effective solutions that streamline payroll processes, help reduce extra workload, save quality time of top talent and aid in modelling future workforce operational strategies all of which are integral to friction-free and productive working.

    A strategic priority, payroll outsourcing can help you sustain and grow amidst challenges and disruptions. Partnering with the best service providers is the requisite for achieving the best results.

    Opt for Paysquare Payroll services – the best in Kolkata

    Handling exhaustive processes, maintaining accuracy, meeting compliances, securing confidentiality etc, are some of the inherent payroll hassles that a reliable outsourcing partner can set you free from. Paysquare is one of the top providers of payroll outsourcing services that can help you overcome these obstacles and contribute to enhanced productivity at work.

    Empowered with the knowledge and experience of industry experts, we ensure smooth and transparent processes as per the latest payroll management norms. Our dedicated team of professionals is well-versed with the latest statutory compliances that rule out any complications on this front. Ensuring accuracy, we not only identify existing loopholes but also correct them at the earliest.

    We understand the importance of data integrity hence, adopt fool-proof measures that significantly cuts down the risks of the data breach. Our automated processes backed with the latest tools and smart features further infuse agility and accuracy at all stages of payroll.

    Services we offer​

    With Paysquare’s Payroll management services reap the benefits of digitalized and professional work setup. Capitalize on real-time reporting and analytics, improved data quality, seamless integration with HRIS and Time management tools and more.

    Our range of services includes:


    Payroll related Compliance


    Leave and Attendance Management


    Labour Law Compliance


    Employee Self-Service Portal


    Client Admin Self Service Portal

    Reasons why you should consider working with Paysquare

    Whether you’re a new firm or an established one, sound payroll management can be your supporting pillar. Try out our Payroll services in Kolkata and enjoy end to end payroll solutions without any hiccups.


    Be assured of accurate and consistent payroll processing.


    You don’t need to worry about any technology investment as we take care of that.


    Maintaining data confidentiality is always our priority.


    Get access to custom and real-time reports to make informed business decisions faster.

    Our growing Clientele

    Nothing can testify to a brand’s performance better than a list of happy clients. Catering to diverse industries ranging from automobile, IT, finance, healthcare, education and more, we offer services that match our client’s expectations. From big brands to mid-sized and small-scale businesses, we tailor payroll solutions that meet the unique requirements of every business irrespective of their nature and size.

    A reputed name in HR and payroll outsourcing management, we are serving over 1000+ clients in India and across international locations. Our clientele includes names like Skoda Auto India Pvt LtdVolkswagen, Abbott Healthcare, Advance pharma, Zensar technology and more.

    If you also want to join the league & take advantage of our industry expertise, then connect with us today. We’ll ensure a committed partnership with maximum returns and no regrets.

    How Can We Help You

    For offering the best help to each one of our clients, we dedicate a separate account manager for the same. No matter whatever queries you have, our account managers are trained to understand and resolve them. They spend special efforts to understand how your company is functioning and understand your special requirements. Among so many other Payroll Outsourcing companies in Chennai, we are the best one to assist you in your payroll outsourcing services.

    After making the portal go live, our payroll outsourcing agency will take complete control of the payroll system, in a secured manner. For some details, feel free to contact us, right away!


    “The best part about the Paysquare team is their superlative support and responsiveness in providing solutions to our requirements. Thanks to them for helping us throughout the setup for ongoing consistent and error-free payroll services.”

    HR Manager – Aarialife Technologies


    ” Earlier we were running the salary and reimbursement process manually, Paysquare helped us shift the entire process from manual to digital.”

    Specialist – HR Service Delivery – Advanz Pharma


    “The service provided by Paysquare is really satisfactory. Paysquare spends extra efforts to understand the client requirements and are always supportive and approachable with workable solutions.”

    HR Manager – PubMatic India Pvt. Ltd.

    Delivering Exceptional Experiences

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are challenges for payroll services in Delhi/NCR?

    Companies go into business to make money but often do not realize that the administrative processes involved in the exercise can be cumbersome and time consuming, One such operation is payroll processing. Payroll management for employees can be a complex task, taking into account the financial and legal implications and its time bound deadlines to get it completed without any errors.

    Challenges in Payroll Processing Faced by Organizations

    – Taxation-Related Issues:

    It is not easy to accurately compute tax deductions due for each employee. This is because tax rules are dynamic and keep changing. Regular updates are required to ensure that employees’ salaries are being taxed correctly. Incorrect tax calculations can lead to penalties, inconvenience and additional work besides creating unhappy employees.

    – Security Of Internal Data:

    It is crucial that payroll data is protected from any possible data leaks. Breaches in payroll confidentiality can have adverse effects on any business. Therefore, it is important to put strict internal controls in place.

    – Burden On Finance Team:

    A number of small and medium enterprises generally do not have a specific payroll person. Instead, they assign the responsibility to employees in the HR or accounts department. This might result in inefficiencies, as the person may not remain updated on legal, tax and other issues.

    – There are two solutions to the above challenges

    outsourcing and technology. Automating most of the functions will not only help reduce the time involved in creating reports, it would also reduce errors while ensuring accuracy.

    – Complience

    It is essential that any organization’s payroll system comply with the country’s laws as well as other employee related requirements. ‘Good corporate Governance’ has become more of a necessity now than an option. Also organizations might have to pay a high price for non-compliance. Payroll providers have to monitor changes in legislation at all levels continuously, to ensure all payroll processes comply with the changes.

    – Accuracy

    Generally, payroll is a batch process where updating happens on a weekly or monthly basis. But historical information is also important. Payroll systems should be able to provide accurate information with regards to both present and past payroll processes. Forward-looking scenarios, such as possible promotions, hikes and maternity pays should be built into the system.

    What are typical challenges for payroll outsourcing in Delhi/NCR?

    Some of the common challenges of Payroll Processing include

    COMPLIANCE: It is essential that any organization’s payroll system comply with the country’s laws as well as other employee related requirements.
    ACCURACY: Payroll needs to be done right, without any errors,
    HIGHER COSTS: with all the manpower, infrastructure and software requirements, managing payroll can get expensive,
    TAXATION-RELATED ISSUES: It is important to track changes in regulations related to tax and apply that, while processing payroll and tax computations for your employees.

    Typical Challenges for Payroll Outsourcing in Delhi

    • Optimizing local payroll Operations
    • Ensuring Compliances
    • Getting the right balance between optimized global
    • processes and local flexibility
    • Getting accurate, real-time reporting
    • Keeping technology acquisition and maintenance costs low
    • Ensuring confidentiality of the payroll data
    • Getting the right Payroll Management KPIs

    How does one go about identifying payroll company in Delhi/NCR?

    TIMING OF A PAYROLL CONVERSION: Deciding when to implement a new payroll solution is important. If you are considering a mid-year conversion, Quarter 2 is a good time to start the process. No matter which time of the year you choose, a streamlined implementation process will ensure a smooth transition. Part of this process is working with an experienced and knowledgeable sales consultant who understands your needs and requirements to recommend the best solution. Given the complexity of workforce solutions and the multitude of capabilities that will impact your company, a good payroll provider should have a sales team that is involved every step of the way.

    DATA INTEGRATION CAPABILITIES: Many companies have existing business investments for benefits, such as general ledger software, and retirement packages. The ability to integrate these existing systems with an online payroll system is a huge benefit as all of the data then will be accurate and up-to-date.

    Other benefits include eliminating duplicate data entry, reduced paperwork, Point-in-time reporting

    Consider providers that have an established portfolio of integrations with the most popular business applications and vendors. Providers who own and develop their own technology have the flexibility to develop their own data integrations so you have a tailored solution.

    UNIFYING PAYROLL WITH HR AND TIME TRACKING: When considering a conversion, it’s important to also look at whether the payroll system is unified with core HR and time and attendance. When payroll, core HR, and time tracking data are stored in a centralized database, this provides many benefits, including:

    • Greater user flexibility
    • Reduced payroll errors
    • Eliminated duplicate data entry
    • Decreased labor costs
    • Increased visibility into company trends and metrics.

    What are factors to consider when selecting a payroll management company in Delhi/NCR?

    For the HR Function, hiring a payroll management company/agency in Delhi is one of the most Popular Choices. Small, Medium, & large Size Businesses are particularly contributing to the Shifting trends. This Trends has set in because of a host of advantages, Payroll Outsourcing provides to help businesses streamline their functions and processes. There are some factors which we should consider while outsourcing payroll in Delhi like Tax laws change, company policies change, Employees Change etc, A single mistake with any of those issues can lead to serious and significant implications for the company. Key factors to consider when employing a payroll management company Know your company’s needs, what your company demands, Firm’s credentials and experience, Firm’s experience in your company’s sector, Cost and services included, Security for employee payroll Flexibility. Your company’s future needs, Responsibility for filing errors, Accuracy and Accountability.

    What are factors to consider when selecting a payroll management company in Delhi/NCR?

    There are some factors which we need to consider while outsourcing Payroll in Delhi

    THE NEED OF YOUR COMPANY: The Main Three things which an outsourced payroll service provider must offer to you include paying employee salaries on time, making the right tax deductions and filing returns on time, make all the relevant reports available to employees on time.

    WHAT HAS BEEN OFFERED: The First things you should ask is what services are you getting from the payroll service Provider Company. Are all their services suitable for the Needs of your Company? what services you are getting and how much will it cost you to outsource payroll processing services.

    SERVICE STANDARDS: This talks about the service standards that have been agreed by the payroll processing company. This include details of when the payroll processing information will be available, how errors if any will be managed, in what timeframe, how the company will manage employee queries, if any and so on. Moreover, it addresses the quality of its customer and/or provider.

    REPUTATION OF THE PROVIDER: Stability and the reputation of any payroll services vendor is an essential factor. It is of much importance that you know how strong and how reliable is the company that you are hiring to manage your payroll processing

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