Payroll outsourcing has surfaced as a critical business requirement for the global Human Resource Outsourcing Industry (HRO). Outsourcing end to end payroll operations is being positively viewed by businesses to cut operational costs, channel resources into more productive operations and enhance the overall business efficiency.

Large enterprises adopting an in-house payroll ecosystem end up spending approx. 20 per cent or more on operational expenditures, as against organizations leveraging a credible payroll outsourcing partner. The effort, time, and money involved in managing in-house payroll operations are also compelling organisations to consider shifting to payroll outsourcing. Let’s dive deep into the business transformation which payroll outsourcing brings to enterprises-:

Present-day payroll solutions are enabling enterprises to realize their core business objectives

The key objective of a payroll solutions provider is to enable business agility for an enterprise via the following strategic benefits-:

● Eliminating the need for in-house payroll staff ● Intuitive Employee Self Service (ESS) portals ● Simplified and precise leave and attendance mechanism ● Eliminating the requirement of purchasing and maintaining payroll software modules

Enterprises with global footprints often face the challenge of compliance with local and global payroll regulations. In such a scenario, hiring local resources increases operational expenditure making the payroll process of an organization complex. Also, outsourcing payroll activity helps businesses in eliminating disruptions in employee payroll. Payroll outsourcing service providers have strategic solutions that assist with consistent, accurate and timely payroll services without disrupting the flow and structure of an organization. The automation of the payroll elements in Human Capital Management (HCM) relieves the employer from routine monitoring tasks like work hours tracking, leave and attendance tracking, tax declarations and deductions and more.

Increasing demand for ERP-driven payroll outsourcing support

As intense market competition compels businesses to be more agile, centralized, and innovation-driven, many enterprises are deploying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to streamline their pivotal operations including recruitment, attendance, and leave management. A state-of-art ERP centric payroll solution furnishes end to end employee payroll services including TDS and other payroll compliances, complementing the strategic benefits of an ERP platform. The solution also facilitates the seamless generation of Management Information System (MIS) and Journal Voucher(JV) reports.

Unprecedented enterprise data security with payroll outsourcing

Data fuels the digital ecosystem in the workplace today. Any breach of employee data impacts the entire ecosystem as well as the reputation of an enterprise. Therefore, stringent data security mechanism tops the list of factors supporting the success of an organisation. Renowned payroll outsourcing partners offer highly secured platforms for harbouring payroll-related details of employees and organizations. It’s incumbent upon the provider to deploy multiple layers of data security to safeguard client or employee data from any breach. A credible payroll vendor also provides comprehensive disaster recovery strategies to ensure that there are no disruptions in business activities in case of a natural or man-made calamity

Business transformation powered with disruptive technologies including AI, Automation

The advancements in the industrial revolution 4.0 are being manifested in the payroll spectrum as well. From being a mere on-premise system, the payroll landscape has shifted to a cloud-based offering. The new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Chatbots are making payroll processes automated, swift and precise than ever before. A large number of payroll outsourcing partners have initiated the deployment of scalable delivery platforms driven by automation. This has enabled them to perform tedious tasks like data-keeping and payment calculation with the least human involvement.

Payroll outsourcing complimenting overseas operations of enterprises

As globalization paves the way for new lucrative opportunities across borders, corporate giants are aggressively engaged in inducting proficient talent across geographies. And while it is a winning proposition for businesses to have operations in geographies with high talent pools, streamlined management of the global workforce remains a daunting task. In such a scenario a payroll outsourcing vendor empowers multi-region enterprises with the following business benefits-:

● Effective compliance with local and global employment regulations ● Consolidated global reporting and communication ● Enhanced data security and better employee satisfaction

The Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) market continues to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the domain of human resources outsourcing. As enterprises realise the strategic value of MCPO implementation, the trend is only poised to witness a multifold growth in the coming years.
It is also imperative for businesses to realise that there is no one size fits all approach in the payroll outsourcing domain. A distinguished payroll outsourcing vendor will always engage in active conversations with its prospective clients to analyse their key requirements and business expectations from their payroll outsourcing investment to offer the most relevant and rewarding offering as per their specific requirements.

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