Expanding business frontiers across boundaries magnifies brand presence, diversifies business assets and accelerates business growth. But extending a business's global footprint is a complex endeavor that requires sound planning and streamlining of myriad processes. Amidst all the challenges, payroll management gets really tough to handle. Considering multiple intricacies involved in payroll, an innovative approach and effective administration become indispensable. This is the reason why most companies in the mid of their expansion plans or with established global presence opt for international payroll services by third parties.

What are the major hurdles that can cause disturbances in the smooth operations of the organizations, working across boundaries? 

  1. Accommodating local minimum wage laws, local reporting requirements, local tax regulations, local currency & language in your payroll process and policy.
  2. Meeting the regulations governing payroll compliances of regions you extend your business. This requires different types of information to be submitted, in different formats, and at different deadlines.
  3. Payroll database serves as a treasure trove for cybercriminals and hackers. Hence, every country has its data privacy laws to tighten the protection against data breaches which when violated can lead to heavy penalties.
  4. Integrating technology to achieve an all-encompassing global system that allows the company to keep a track of labor force stats and costs holistically.
International payroll outsourcing has emerged as one of the most effective solutions for addressing the above issues. Injecting consistency in the global payroll management, global payroll providers capitalize on robust infrastructure and advanced tools and systems, leaving minimal scope for errors. Their local networks and collaborations ensure agile, friction-free and efficient global payroll management.

Despite all the benefits that outsourcing generates, certain critical aspects need to be addressed for a successful payroll on a global scale. 

  • Have a clear idea of the services you need and the expectations you have. A clear-cut payroll outsourcing strategy in place will facilitate things at both ends -outsourcing partner as well as your employees.
  • Choosing the right payroll partner can make a huge difference. The availability of numerous International payroll companies can be baffling. So, do your due diligence before selecting one. Besides researching on experience, expertise and networks do consider compatibility factors to zero in on the best fit for your company.
  • If switching from in-house payroll to a payroll outsourcing service, consider running payroll in parallel to your own for at least one pay period. This will act as the litmus test for your future course of action.
  • Prepare your team in advance especially those involved in the payroll process for smoother transition.

Paysquare – the forward-thinking industry leader that can be your promising business partner

Operating in different countries with conflicting rules and formalities can be taxing for your in-house resources. Tie up with the Paysquare to make the most of the international opportunities and talent. Our end-to-end workforce management system incorporating rostering, time and attendance, leave management, employee self-service portals etc will streamline your international payroll processing while maintaining transparency at all levels. You’ll be empowered to make more informed business decisions without delay. Improved compliances, integrated global payroll data and analytics, greater employee satisfaction and lower payroll cost management are some of the advantages that will set you free to pursue higher business goals. If still apprehensive connect with us today. We’ll be happy to explain it to you and help you make the right choice befitting your company's needs.

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