International Payroll Services

One company = many payroll systems across the globe” is what companies struggle with most.

Currently, the HR department at our organization manages payroll for multiple geographies, each with its payroll partner thumbnail

Currently, the HR department at our organization manages payroll for multiple geographies, each with its payroll partner.

Can we have one system for managing all geographical regions within our HR department?

Our employee databases are scattered because global locations use different platforms thumbnail

Our employee databases are scattered because global locations use different platforms.

How can we manage multiple platforms to save our employees’ data across global locations?

Simplify Global Payroll with Paysquare


Would you like to give your staff one system to manage all payroll activities globally?

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How can we handle numerous systems to save the data of our employees in different locations throughout the world?

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International Payroll Processing.

International Payroll Processing Thumbnail.

International payroll services refer to the management and processing of employee salaries, compensation and benefits for companies that have employees working in multiple countries. This can include tasks such as calculating taxes and deductionshandling currency conversions, and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

These services can be provided by third-party companies that specialize in international payroll or by the company’s own human resources department. Having a reliable international payroll system in place is crucial for ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time, and can help to avoid costly penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Introducing DeliziaHR – a comprehensive human resources management solution

DeliziaHR, a highly advanced human resources management system, developed by Paysquare specifically for the purpose of precise payroll management. This cutting-edge system allows employers to effortlessly handle all employee information, including employee data, new employee onboarding, exit management, payroll inputs, and the ability to download vital reports.

The word ‘Delizia’ hails from Italy and translates to “Delight” in English. It represents something that brings pleasure and contentment, such as an exquisite work of art.

In personal relationships, it can be used as a term of affection or esteem to express fondness for someone or something. In Italian culture, Delizia is often linked to relishing the finer aspects of life and is frequently used to express gratitude and appreciation.

Paysquare’s team possesses an abundance of experience in managing international payrolls, from straightforward to intricate operations, for companies of all sizes and also the system is capable of managing any kind of payroll logic like bi-weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls.

Listed below are the activities that the Paysquare team will perform



Creating new employee records in the system and maintaining the personal and salary information. Keeping the records updated with any changes as they occur.


Incorporating the clients inputs including bonuses such as Ramadan and loyalty bonuses which are country-specific.


Capturing the attendance or leaves information from DeliziaHR


Providing all reports and registers in the agreed formats.


Computing and deducting the social security/local taxes of employees.


Keeping the companies compliant with country specific compliances



An automated system will calculate an employee’s Full & Final Settlement (FFS) up until their Last Working Day (LWD) with precision, taking into account all vital elements like leave encashment, notice pay, ad-hoc payments/recoveries, and retrenchment dues based on the input provided.


Generating outputs for employees such as the last month’s pay statement, penalty-met month pay statement, Full & Final statement, and final tax computation statement.


Submitting inputs in the previously established and agreed formats.

Making disbursements of salaries and payments related to compliance.

Submitting documents to government authorities (country specific).

Monitoring changes in local legislation and informing client of any updates.

Through the cloud based system, employees are able to carry out the following transactions via their logins


Employees are able to access their pay statements.


Submit queries and view resolution through a ticketing system.


Participate in polls for gathering common information.


View company policies and procedures.


Applying the leaves and marking the attendance. Viewing the status of the applied leaves.

Inputs required from the Admin/HR

The employee data includes information for new joiners such as their personal and financial information.

Updates to the financial and master records of existing employees.

Information about employees who are leaving the company and their final settlement-related details.

Information about any one-time additional income or deductions.

Information related to employee loans and advances.

Discover the features of DeliziaHR’s employee self-service portal/mobile application.

Discover the features of DeliziaHR's employee self-service portal/mobile application thumbnail

Employees have the ability to access and download their pay statements

DeliziaHR offers a comprehensive leave and attendance management system that allows employees to request and track leave

Quick access to CTC and salary breakup.

Hyperlinked and comprehensive pay slips for multiple months, annual, and tax reports are available.

Query management system through ticketing with predefined TAT.

Explore the client administration capabilities of DeliziaHR.


Update employees’ personal, financial, and other vital master data essential for business operations.


Keep a check on loans and advance salary data


Download all payroll-related Management Information System (MIS) such as salary register with earnings & deductions, Cost to Company (CTC), Flexi benefits, gross/master variance, CTC breakup, Final & Full statements and Journal Voucher for accounting system, bank files, and employee master based on their employment status.


Access the data in graphical format for the ease of understanding


Administrators can view the Query Logs to check their current status. Also intervene for the unresolved queries.


Administrators can access compliance reports related to social security, insurance, and PAYG payout information.


Admin can access the unclaimed, paid, and balance eligibility status of reimbursements.


Access master employee data across the organization and make modifications to any employee’s information at any time, such as incentives, bonuses, and salary holds.

International Payroll Process

International Payroll Process Thumbnail
Group 48045

The client will appoint a single point of contact (SPOC) for each country, who will act as liaison between the client and Paysquare, providing necessary inputs and receiving outputs as necessary.

A comprehensive payroll calendar for the entire year shall be created in advance, including specific dates for each step of the process for each country.

Group 48047

After receiving the necessary inputs, Paysquare will update the data, process it, perform quality control checks, and furnish the client with the initial output.

Group 48048

The client will thoroughly review the output and make suggestions for any necessary changes.

Group 48049

After incorporating any additional inputs, Paysquare will deliver the updated and revised output.

Group 48055

The client will provide approval for the payroll output.

Group 48056

Paysquare will finalize the payroll, generate the final outputs, prepare management information systems, bank files, journal entries, and any other necessary compliance reports.

Once the employee salaries have been credited, the clients employees will be able to access and review their pay statements online.

Paysquare will provide an efficiency report detailing compliance with the service level agreement and any deviations from it, if any.

Group 48059

A review of the payroll process will be conducted with the client every month

With Paysquare, you will get:

With Paysquare’s highly customizable services backed by unmatched expertise, leap global expansion.

Payroll Processing

We are proud to be your partner in international payroll solutions. Our experienced team calculates and sends salary payments to your global employees, freeing up resources so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. We offer convenient payment schedules tailored to fit your company’s unique requirements – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Consolidated Platform

We, Paysquare, have created a highly specialized, secure, and integrated platform for managing financial and employee master data. You can stay informed about every detail, including the number of days recorded, deductions made, and more, if you have full access to your employees’ payroll information.

…And the benefits

Spending less time on payroll and focusing more on business growth will bring momentum for future-oriented data-driven decisions.



Ensure ultimate performance and transparency at all levels with consistent payroll management services.

Confidentiality ensured

Secure Data

Ensure seamless, automated, and encrypted data transmission across all levels without worrying about unwanted leaks.

Customized reports

Self Service Portal

For easy and transparent payroll communication management, DeliziaHR offers real-time access to key information for all your employees.

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On-time Delivery

We provide stress-free smiles at month-end with timely payments and reduce payment complexity.

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Make advanced Technology

The robust yet customizable DeliziaHR engine integrates high-end technology to maximize global payroll efficiency.

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Proven Accuracy

Global payroll processing with thorough monthly checks of bonuses, compensations, and cuts.

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Payroll compliance and timely reporting in multiple countries without legal risks.

..and key features that differentiate us from the competition

Maximize your profitability with Paysquare.

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  • We have a dedicated teams to assist with the smooth transition to our system.
  • A three-tiered team structure ensures proper communication with clients.
  • We have skilled professionals with expertise in payroll processing handling various tasks.
  • Our experts are highly qualified to assist you at every step for seamless operation.
  • Payroll process setup and resolution by experts at all levels.

Processes & Standards

  • Process-driven approach with a strong emphasis on documentation.
  • SSAE 16 & ISAE 3402 certified organization with ISO 27001/2013 standards.
  • Paysquare adheres to compliance standards globally.
  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Insurances such as E&O, Cyber, CGL, and Work-men Compensation are in place to safeguard the client against any loss due to errors, frauds.
  • Achieving high levels of efficiency in all payroll processes and global standards.
data security icon

Data Security

  • Paysquare’s systems are protected from external threats such as viruses, malware, and hackers.
  • Ensure that clients’ business operations remain uninterrupted by creating Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP).
  • Data is encrypted to ensure that it cannot be mismanaged.
  • With the advanced and multi-level security mechanism, there is no risk of leakage.
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  • Strong process culture and high level of automation.
  • Payroll outsourcing engagements are highly accurate and predictable.
  • The DeliziaHR payroll engine is highly customizable and robust.
  • Payroll outsourcing technology that matches global standards.

Partner with a trustworthy Global payroll management company in India

As a worldwide company, Paysquare able to offer you local insights as well as access to our global infrastructure. Our flexible approach ensures that we’re always service-driven and willing to work with you on your payroll needs no matter where you are. No matter where each of your employees is located, DeliziaHR, our cutting-edge cloud-based engine, will deliver consistent service no matter what.

The trouble-free international payroll system guarantees fewer payment complications, improved compliance, and prompt payment delivery.


Experience in super niche domains of payroll, compliance, and related services. Serving International payroll services in 18+ countries.


Certified for ISAE 3402 (SOC 1 Type 2 (KPMG), ISO 27001 (BSI) GDPR Compliant company


Processing over 4,50,000 monthly employee records across 1500+ customers globally


A strong team of 700+ professionals.


A home-grown payroll processing engine.


Robust IT infrastructure with 2 data centers for BCP and Disaster Management.

Exists for the last two decades.


Insurances for E&O, CGL, WC, etc. Cyber Frauds.

80% of our clients are associated with us for more than a decade.

Real-success stories: See what our Clients have to say

“I have been a client of Paysquare for 7 years and their services are fantastic.

Migration from the old consultant to Paysquare was seamless. Soon after the migration, the Paysquare team was up the learning curve. They never missed the deadlines provided by us. The team is always reachable, and they keep us informed about changes in taxes or government policies which impact payroll. I have complete confidence and trust in their payroll solutions, and we will always recommend them. Any company looking to ease its payroll burden with friendly service and a flexible, secure system should partner with Paysquare.”

Sourabh Jain

Finance, Seagate India


From clustered payroll headaches leading to workflow disruptions, Mubea was able to streamline their HR and payroll processes through our solutions.


The most valuable service that we get from you is “peace of mind.” I know that once I…

Parameshwer Matla

Human Resources


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continual support till date!

Ramakrishna Dabbara

Sr. Manager – Finance


We have successfully completed the go-live for Altra India Payroll.I would like to…

Abhijeet Shete

Senior Manager


We are very impressed with Paysquare team due to their ability to process payroll…

Ratnakar Dhakad

Senior Operation Manager


Honestly , It has been an amazing experience working with Payroll team as on date…

Monica Shah

HR Business Partner India


I have been a client of Paysquare for 7 years and their services are fantastic. Migration from the old…

Seagate India


Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payroll Company?

Every business, small, medium or large needs to process salary payments (payroll) to its employees. This process of doing the entire payroll calculations including tax deductions applicable and the end to end process of managing all the filing and compliances related to the payroll is called payroll processing. A company that offers payroll processing as a service is typically called payroll company. A payroll company make it easy for small, medium & large businesses to streamline their business operations. Paysquare is a leading payroll company in India, which helps organizations in end to end payroll processing. From payroll calculations to tax deductions to finalizing bank files for depositing employees’ salary directly to their bank accounts, Paysquare does it all. Along with all this, Paysquare also provides web based access to employees and HR admins, where they can access their payslips and tax related information through secure logins.

What are the features of Payroll Outsourcing company?

Payroll outsourcing companies help you to improve productivity by saving time, efforts and costs incurred for carrying out payroll operations in-house. Payroll outsourcing companies have a wide range of payroll specialization for different industries, like for e.g. some organizations offer flexible savings accounts, or retirement account options, and some provide specific tax saving proposals, insurance payments helping the business owner to deliver efficient payroll through better productivity.

Improved efficiency of employees

Payroll outsourcing companies process the payroll day in and day out with the high availability of expert pool and better awareness of technical and legal norms. Efficiency is achieved by outsourcing to specialized payroll experts ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.

Accurate tax returns filing

Tax returns are filed accurately and on time to ensure that there are no compliance related issues. Cost savings is one of the major benefits delivered by payroll outsourcing companies. High penalties can be avoided by making sure that tax returns are filed on time and accurately.

Using best of technology

Payroll outsourcing firms use latest and advanced software programs for payroll processing, tax computation for minimizing errors and delays. This ensures high degree of automation in the entire payroll processing process and ensures that manual errors are minimized or eliminated.

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