Today’s changing business environment warrants innovative solutions for meeting staffing requirements. Payroll service providers offer resource management Services (Temporary staffing services), where the Payroll admins can help clients place their employees on the payroll. After that, they can completely administer the employee benefit plans for the staff. Payroll services for temporary staffing companies also manage the necessary statutory data for these employees on temporary services. Payroll service providers can also provide usual benefits customized to the client’s requirements for ensuring clarity in employee benefits between the company’s staff and temp staff. At the time of offering temporary staffing services, the Payroll works to focus the services of various industries. It has various verticals that include- banking, share market, chemical, electronics, and telecom as well as other consumer durables. It also focuses on e-commerce as well as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and retail. With the best combination in terms of technology and people, it can prove as an effective resource to process the payment to millions of people in a single go. It can help the organization to focus on its core activities. Payroll services for temporary staffing companies or administrators manage payroll clerks and ensure that company employees are paid the correct amounts for each pay period. As a payroll coordinator, an individual is a liaison between the human resources department and the accounting department, since both have a stake in payroll operations. A payroll vendor must train the new payroll clerks and handle their performance evaluations, then verify the time-sheets of the employees, and also correct if the pay rate is accurate for the work done or not. Then process all the checks of the payroll.

Payroll procedures for temporary staffing

Peel Temp Services is an employer that assumes full responsibility for payroll processing for temporary staffing companies. For paying the entire payroll associated costs of its temporary employees, including HRA, EL, CL, OT and bonus pay, etc. independent contractors are asked to bill directly to Temp Services to render their services. They are paid directly to the consultants and truck drivers. For Temp staffing companies to pay their temporary employees on time, the client should sign a temporary time sheet regularly. The client's signature is Peel Temp Service's authorization to both pay the temporary for hours indicated on the timesheet and to bill the client for these same hours.

Payroll administration

Payroll administration in temp staffing companies is defined as any of the tasks necessary to organize the compensation of employees for the hours that have been worked. It can include keeping the data-total hours worked by employees, rates of pay, and managing employee payments. Businesses that usually use a commission-based system often benefit from having a dedicated payroll service provider to better manage the payroll services for employees.

For small business owners or enterprises, payroll administrative work is usually performed by the owner because there may be only a handful of employees. In temp staffing companies, the software might be used to facilitate payment and tracking the payroll related issues. Often, the software used for payroll providers could make issuing paychecks hassle-free, thus helping businesses keep track of their payments made. Payroll managers can help with direct deposit of payments for temp employees or managing the company accounts.

When payroll services are organized for only a few employees, it is easy to keep track of payments. As employee numbers increase, it becomes essential that enough time is devoted to payroll upkeep. This could help prevent errors in accounting and payroll management, which ensures that employees receive the correct amount of compensation each day. In temp staffing companies, payroll administrators are also responsible for making sure that the payments are delivered on schedule to employees.

Another aspect of managing payroll is that payroll taxes need to be properly deducted from the employee's income. Resource Management is a process that needs skills and the latest technology. Hence for SMEs, it is necessary to have skilled people with the best technology to have the desired results. With the help of this technology, one can go for the issue of tax deductions and tax exemptions as well as issues related to the direct exemptions. Management of payroll efficiently as well as effectively to have the best of its supports.

The payroll administrator's job also includes that company payroll policies adhere to all employment laws. That can apply to overtime when the concerned employee has worked for it, vacation pay, or other payroll related changes. As businesses grow rapidly and employ more workers, it becomes increasingly important to have someone or some vendor who are capable of processing payroll.

What kind of temporary staffing and payroll administrators do?

Payroll Administrator: The Roles and Responsibilities

Payroll administration is an essential factor for every small business or company, from issuing or distributing paychecks and maintaining all tax compliance to calculating all payroll deductions. Administrators need to wear several hats in the payroll outsourcing company.

What Do Payroll Administrators Do?

If a person owns a business and is looking for staff, here’s what one needs to know. Depending on the size of a business, the payroll providers could have one employee or a big dedicated team, all with different levels of experience & responsibilities.

 Payroll Practitioner l (entry-level)

The entry-level position is an essential part of the payroll company. They perform various duties that include routine duties as well in payroll processing for temporary staffing companies

Their responsibilities include:

      • Maintaining employee/payroll records is a requirement for payroll processing for temporary staffing companies.
      • Auditing timekeeping records to ensure all relevant compliance
      • Entering the details new recruits into the payroll system
      • Posting changes as when necessary in pay and tax status

In payroll processing for temporary staffing companies, a person needs to like math and basic accounting skills. At this level, the payroll admin is going to follow a notebook; the goal is to follow a set of different procedures accurately and consistently.

 Payroll Practitioner ll (Intermediate)

The Payroll Practitioner ll is the second in command. They perform a wide variety of record-keeping and payroll processing for temporary staffing companies.

Their responsibilities include:

      • Computing wage and payments of overtime done by the employees
      • Recording deductions and calculating the same before deduction
      • Processing the requests of members of the staff for check-in advance
      • Terminations process of an employee
      • All payroll practitioners have 1 to 2 years of experience in accounting and payroll training

 Payroll Administrator (1-person Payroll Department)

In payroll services for temporary staffing companies, a person who can completely take control of a company’s payroll duties is usually hired as a Payroll Administrator. With 3 to 5 years of payroll experience and an associate degree or higher, Payroll admins are solely responsible for all payroll service-related activities.

For a payroll administrator managing payroll services for temporary staffing companies, the responsibilities include-

      • Processing one or more payrolls of companies
      • Filing tax and voluntary deduction reports of companies
      • Processing levies
      • Preparing accounting transactions and documents

Resource Management

      • Documenting and updating procedures of Payroll
      • Preparing quarterly reports for management

A great payroll administrator in payroll processing for temporary staffing companies could save you time, could ensure compliance, and pay the employees accurately and on time, but they should have the technology and expertise to support them.

Payroll Outsourcing Companies

Many companies have taken up the job of being a payroll vendor. The work of Payroll management is outsourced to Payroll Outsourcing Companies, and they provide the help necessary for payroll management.

Payroll providers work more efficiently as their payment or service fees are directly related to the quality of the services that they can provide to small companies.

What is the difference between a payroll administrator and payroll coordinator?

Both the payroll administrator in payroll services for temporary staffing companies and coordinators perform duties that assist in creating payroll for employees within a company or organization. Mostly, one won't find a payroll coordinator and an administrator working in the same company. The payroll administrator primarily oversees and manages the payroll, while a Payroll coordinator works for the payroll department within an organization or company.

What Is The Difference Between a Payroll Administrator and a Payroll Coordinator?

Payroll coordinators are working in hospitals, schools, and colleges.

Both the payroll administrator and coordinator need to perform a set of duties that assist in creating payroll for employees within a company or organization. In payroll processing for temporary staffing companies Mostly, one won't find a payroll coordinator & administrator working for the same company. The payroll administrator usually oversees and manages payroll services for temporary staffing companies, while a coordinator works for a department within an organization or company.

A payroll administrator is responsible for payroll processing for temporary staffing companies and related activities.  One must perform the activities required to process the payroll for a company or organization. This could include the recordkeeping responsibilities for the payroll documents, which could consist of processing payroll, all commissions, bonus payments, entering timesheets and their collection.

Payroll administrators working in payroll services for temporary staffing companies work mostly in SMEs and organizations that have employees with top rank on their payroll. To be on the position of payroll admin one needs to have a degree of associate and also some relevant experience of operating the same. This role can also be outsourced to Payroll Outsourcing Companies.

Payroll Coordinator

A payroll coordinator in payroll processing for temporary staffing companies acts as a liaison between one or multiple departments in the organization and the payroll department. One will find payroll coordinators in large companies or organizations with various departments and a vast staff. The payroll coordinator checks the time cards and collects them. He also checks for leaves as well as separation. A payroll coordinator also enters the hours one has worked in the system of payroll, then verify the payroll records after typing the data into the system. A coordinator employed in payroll services for temporary staffing companies audits payroll entries and works with the payroll department to make needed corrections.

Because of the responsibilities that the payroll Coordinator holds, the coordinator needs to have excellent written and communication skills. Payroll Outsourcing Companies can also have Payroll Coordinators, who provide the services on behalf of small companies. Other requirements for this position include experience with automated payroll systems or services and up to five years of exp and graduation.

As the payroll administrator in payroll services for temporary staffing, companies also perform the duties of payroll vendors. They collect health insurance benefit forms and all documents related to payroll. Payroll providers enter the working hours and adjust the payroll system as needed. While a payroll vendor handles the same level of responsibilities as a payroll coordinator, the payroll coordinator does not have the same level of responsibility for an organization's entire payroll. They are only responsible for the accuracy of the payroll services provided by the organization. Payroll Outsourcing Companies does not process the entire company's payroll, and it just handles the work that is assigned.

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