When you are facing challenges in onboarding employees, it is a red alert. As a small or medium business, you are not really supposed to struggle that much for hiring and onboarding employees.  To add to the complexity of the HR team, the pandemic has shifted the entire process online.  As a result, instead of proper 4-5 days of onboarding, the employee gets a terribly large email, and they are bombarded with information that might not be necessary.  If you think that you already have onboarding figured out, then check this: If you reduce your paperwork and focus on employee engagement during onboarding, you can increase productivity by 70% and retention by 80%. What is a better solution? How can you reduce paperwork? The simplest solution to these questions is to hire temporary staffing. You can utilize people on a temporary basis, reduce your costs and improve your efficiency. Throughout this article, we have explored different verticals of how temp staffing companies can resolve your onboarding issues. 

Employee Management Challenges

The onset of the pandemic has increased the complexity of employee management after hiring. Once you hire a new employee, onboarding them online is a task. From delivering the right information to getting the employee acquainted with the environment, everything is difficult for HR.

Here’s a brief overview of the challenges faced by many companies.

Information Overflow

It is obvious to feel overwhelmed with a large amount of information on day one. Since HRs are no longer greeting employees personally physically, they are creating documentation and sending it across to new hires. Another way is just connecting over a call and delivering too much information. 

While it is understandable that HR has no other choice, it is challenging for the employee. It is not easy to absorb all that key information in your new job on day 1. 

You already have the burden of connecting and engaging with the team, and additional requirements just end up confusing you. So many applications, policies, team rules, and unsaid guidelines. 

No Role Clarity

Another challenge that is faced by new hires is the lack of clarity. In the office, it is easier to communicate and find out things. But, when you are working at home, it takes too much effort to coordinate and connect with the right person when you are new in the company. And honestly, HR can’t be available for this task all the time.

One solution to this challenge is allowing the manager to connect with the new employee and give them an overview. However, when you are a small business, managers are too busy, and there’s no other option. 

In that case, temp staffing solutions are a go-to choice; hassle-free and simple. No onboarding is required.

Right Onboarding

In every company, onboarding is tailored according to the job roles. There’s always the pressure of onboarding every employee such that they are able to understand their job roles clearly in the first few weeks.

When you miss this point, you either end up giving the wrong impression of the job role from the starting, or you reduce the chances of retaining this employee in the long term because there’s a huge gap in employees and your understanding of the role.

But, don’t get worried. Hire temporary staffing and clarify your requirements beforehand. The temp staffing solution provider will find the right candidates who don’t need onboarding to start working. Just give them an introduction and start working!

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staffing Company

Of course, the above challenges can be mitigated with proper management and improved technology usage. There’s no doubt about that!

However, there’s an easier route: using temp staffing solutions.

Whether you are trying to fill in for the holiday rush or hire extra employees for an important project, temporary employment agencies can offer you optimum support. For instance, Paysquare has designed its temp staffing solutions in a manner that supports your organization by offering you employees the right experience, skills, and knowledge.

Let’s explore the benefits of hiring temporary staff:


Small and medium enterprises often need employees for the short-term or for a project. When any such requirement comes up, you can’t run to hiring. It is time-consuming and damaging to the health of the company.

In place of this, temporary employment agencies help you hire temp staff according to your requirements. You can expand your capabilities and workforce but only for the required period or project.


The flexibility of hiring a temp staff on-demand is itself cost-effective, don’t you think?

You don’t need to hire this person full-time and offer them benefits when they are not involved in their core job specifications. It is simpler to hire temporary staff and allow them to assist in projects in the short term. 

The cost management in this case is due to:

      • Decrease in benefits offered
      • Reduced managed
      • No need for training
      • No need for retention
      • No long hiring processes
      • Reduced onboarding hassles

Think about it, if you hire a full-time employee for a one-month project, you may have to pay them a salary and train them for the long-term. For instance, if you keep this employee for a year with just one project of one month long, you are wasting money on this resource for 11 months. You can easily eliminate this cost by hiring temporary staff for a month only. 


In reality, the temporary staff brings motivation and productivity. They are dedicated and determined to complete the task on time, so they get in, work with full efficiency, and get out. This definitely motivates your full-time employee, and this setup also increases your productivity. There’s less hassle, more work, which improves operational efficiency as well. 

Hassle-Free Hiring

One of the best benefits of temp staffing solutions is hassle-free hiring. There are no positing and evaluation involved. Just connect with an efficient temp staffing company like Paysquare and get the job done in days rather than weeks. This agency will help you find people with the correct skillset and experience quickly without you spending money or time on the job posting, resume evaluation, or interview process. Isn’t that great?

Connect with Paysqaure for simpler and effective temp staffing services. 

What Is The Best Option For Your Company?

Depending on the challenges your company is facing, temp staffing solutions may be right for your organization.

If you are able to nod to the following questions, then consider hiring temporary staff in your company.

      • Are you facing issues in employee onboarding?
      • Is hiring a huge hassle?
      • Are you facing high turnover?
      • Are your new employees less engaged?
      • Do you need a better solution than online onboarding?
      • Do you need employees for a surging demand?
      • Do you need employees for the short term?

Although temporary employment agencies help you hire staff for short-term or long-term demands in a cost-effective way, you can use these services when your onboarding and hiring are a mess. Hence, this is to say that during the pandemic, almost every company can benefit from temp staffing solutions.  

Why Is It Important To Have A Staffing Plan?

Any small, medium or large organization needs to have a staffing plan in the pandemic to avoid hiring and onboarding mistakes.

Here’s what you need to do:

      • Evaluate the requirements of your business. This includes your resource needs and hiring capacity.
      • Match your resource requirements with your hiring capacity and onboarding support. If you hire 5 employees, but you have one person or HR to onboard these employees, you will face issues. You need support for this activity. 
      • Consider temporary staffing. Check the above section to make a decision on this. If temp staffing solutions seem right for your situation, give it a try.
      • Find a temporary employment agency and connect with them for your staffing requirements. Check online reviews, analyze services, costs of packages, and inclusion in staffing packages.
      • Once you hire one or two temp staff in your company, analyse the change in productivity and efficiency to see whether this solution is actually worth it or not.  


Onboarding an employee in a pandemic is a herculean task. You need to send details online, communicate overcall, and help the employee engage virtually. Finding coordination between all these activities is really difficult. A simpler option is temp staffing solutions because you don’t really need to onboard employees. They work on a temporary short-term, or long-term basis on a project. These people are equipped to adjust to an environment and engage wherever necessary.  All you have to do is find the right temp staffing company and utilize its services. Paysqaure is a leading provider of temp staffing solutions. You can hire temporary staff on-demand in various industries and domains. Our experience and skills in the area help us find fully-equipped and knowledgeable employees. For more details, you can directly connect with our experts and understand the process.   

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