For any industry in many cases the temporary staff becomes inevitable. It is the support staff that is not considered as a permanent member of the system yet he plays an important and active role. In the market of jobs and employment, one can find several service providers who offer impressive services in this segment as well. However, compared to the permanent staffing solutions the service providers for temporary staffing solution is limited still one can have the desired amount of members in the temp staff easily. This is the trend in the megacities and particular cities in India where the employers hire people for a few days which may be for a specific campaign or mission. The service providers of temporary staffing services have varied profiles as per the education, area, skills, and age. The moment they get an order about specific requirements they can connect to the concerned candidates and line them up for the employer. Usually, the tasks offered to the people offered by the temporary staffing services are not of a specific nature as they may not be having the required skills to perform a detailed task. Though there is temporary staffing consultancy in the market which can help to have people with desired skills also, there is no surety about the skills in the employees offered by the agency.

The services covered

The agencies that offer temporary staffing services have a number of people on their list but in some cases, it becomes difficult to find the people available at the very right moment. Hence they always expect some buffer time from the concerned employers whom they offer the required services as a temp staffing agency.  However, with various other factors the temp staffing industry has also grown in the past few years. The experts in the field of permanent as well as temporary staffing consultancy expect more growth in the coming years as the world growth rate in different fields has been much encouraging.

What are Indian Staffing Industry trends/Facts?

If we talk about temp staffing agency globally the staffing trend has been much positive. Many factors have contributed to the development of this expectation and trend which include growth rate in different sectors, positive approach of the market, and availability of demand in different sectors and at the same moment enough supply of the job seekers. As far as the job market of Asia and Europe are concerned, one can see a positive approach in them. The European job market is rising at 6 to 7 percent while the Asian market is rising in double digits. In Asia also the primary determinants are India and Japan where the temporary staffing consultancy rate in temp staffing is also increasing significantly. Hence there can be optimistic time for the temporary staffing solution providers in these countries.

In the employment market, the rate of permanent or long term employment is not that high compared to the temporary staffing solution. Whether one looks at the figure of Asian or European market the trend will be seen similar only. If the US job market is taken into consideration it can be seen with a rise of almost 3% with an increase of $3 billion in overall turnover. It can be termed as a significant increase in this market compared to the past some years. Adding to the same one can expect a better rate of employment in the coming years ahead.

The forecast: However, in the coming years the rate of increase is expected to slow down in the European market but it will be still positive for the Asian market due to growth rate improvement in the economy of leading countries in this market. The primary contributor to the same, are India and Japan backed by China and some more countries.  Hence for the job market as well as the providers of temp staffing services it can be termed as positive.

The role of modern technology in a temporary staffing solution

In the field of temporary and permanent staffing also nowadays technology can play a pivotal role. The recruiters, as well as candidates, use mobile which has made the hiring much straightforward and quick. One can find multiple software useful for the hiring of different profiles. Some of the options with AI are also available which can facilitate easy screening and quick recruiting. The leading firms engaged in temporary staffing solutions have started using modern technologies to ease the process yet for small firms it is a little tough task due to cost involved.

Low rate of unemployment:  As per the trend in the last 49 years the rate of unemployment is lowest which is 3.7. The employment generation is better in developing countries as well as developed ones. The year 2018 was a significant one after the recession and the same progress is expected in the year 2019 as well.

What are international temp Staffing Industry trends?

If the staffing trend for temporary staffing services is considered there are different trends in different markets. The global market for the same is very positive while local markets of countries have mixed trends. In some of the developing countries, the same has been much positive such as India while in other countries like china the rate of the temporary staffing solution is also not that much encouraging. Use of the technology has impacted the market to a considerable extent in past some years and the same rally has been continued in 2018. As per the experts, it will be continued in 2019 and 2020 as well.

What are some new trends in the temporary staffing services industry?

As per the figures of the American market, the temporary staffing has shown gradual progress. In many sectors where skilled people are required, the temp staffing agency has offered staff for the time being so that the task cannot be left incomplete to the client. This has shown a slow yet steady increase in hiring temp staff in different sectors.

Mobile recruitment will be a key driver in temporary staffing services

With the increase in the use of mobile for job search, it has been the key driver for the recruiters. The agencies engaged in temp staffing services can find people with the help of various apps and posts on social media. The candidates also prefer to check the sites which can be easily used on mobile. The best part of this service is one can also have notification if there is some vacancy for a temporary staffing solution is available. This can help one find the desired job quickly or any job rapidly as per his needs.

As per a survey, social recruiting has reached new heights as there are ample social media sites and job portals which can benefit the recruiter as well as the candidates for temporary staffing services. One can upload the information or resume on the concerned portal and concerned recruiters who have got the services of the portal can easily find the required staff from there. Somewhat the same is the function offered by various app makers on social media with the help of which also the job search has been made easier. In the next few years as per the surveys conducted by the temp staffing agency, the significance of portals will be more than the normal references in the market. Adding to the same there will be a huge role played by mobile apps and social media. Hence the temporary staffing consultancy service provider can easily find the people who may not be able to find the job in the local area personally.

Technology is a driver for future job openings

With the increase of the use of artificial intelligence in this field, technology has become an important aspect of the recruiter as well as a candidate perspective. The number of job portals keeps on increasing and competition in the market is increasing yet the rate of recruitment for permanent and temporary staffing has not reduced in the past year. The same trend is expected to be continued or even improved in the year 2020 with the help of more technological changes and a bigger job market.

As per the technology and recruitment experts, the work of temporary staffing services will be reduced in terms of presentations and calling candidates but at the same time they will have to face challenges from the technical side as the technology keeps on adding modern features and one has to learn their optimum use also.

The trend and position of the job market

The trend in the last few years has been positive in the permanent and temporary job market. However, the growth rate of both markets has changed at a different pace. As per the temporary staffing solution providers they have got a better position in the permanent employment segment while the rate of increase in temporary staffing is not that much encouraging. It is hardly 0.02 percent positive while the permanent job market has got an increase of 3.7% which is considered quite impressive. In many organizations, the demand for skilled labour is consistent or increasing and that has been the main factor for the sustained growth of this market in the past some years. On the opposite side, the temp staffing agency has doubtlessly not shown a negative trend but the pace is not much considerable also. Hence one can term it as something more than consistent move.

Though different governments try hard to hire the people in some of its posts, it is not possible for many of the job seekers also. If the cost of recruiting is considered, the temp staffing agency has not made much of its money from it as the majority of the positions are filled by the companies on their own using social media or other platforms. In the permanent section, they have increased their share and earn better revenue also.

Why temporary staffing is consistent?

As the term shows it is the staff hired for a specific task or time-frame. Hence the companies cannot spend full of their budget on hiring the employees for a short duration and use the resources as well as manpower for such a task. On the contrary, they spend much of budget for the positions where the candidates are hired for a long period so that the overall cost of recruitment can be limited or reduced and spare budget can be used for the recruitment of temporary staff for which the social media, portals hired for a few days and references can be excellent sources.

Looking at these options, the providers of temporary staffing services also need to make their best of efforts which can help them fetch good revenue from the budget allocated for this process. The old methods of calling candidates and making them send the resumes have no more relevance in this age of technology where the resumes are available on various social media or other platforms and asked the users to download the same.

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