Exit Management System

Paperless exit management system for smooth employee offboarding

We struggle with tracking employee offboarding, resulting in lost equipment and sensitive company information

Is there any exit management system available that can help us track employee offboarding and prevent loss of equipment and sensitive company information?

Our manual exit process is time-consuming , often causing delays in final paychecks and employee benefits

Is it possible to automate employee offboarding, while streamlining the entire process of asset recovery, disabling accounts, settling pending dues, etc.?

Without an exit management system, we have no way to collect feedback from departing employees to improve our company culture and retention

Is there a way to collect feedback and conduct a survey from resigning employees?

Our lack of an exit management system makes it difficult to ensure compliance with legal requirements and protect the company from potential lawsuits

Is there any solution that can help simplify the process of clear pending employee dues with full and final settlement, while ensuring statutory compliance?

We have experienced situations where terminated employees have still access to their payroll information

Can we create custom checklists during the offboarding process and automate tasks like disabling employee accounts?

Avoid offboarding delays and automate your exit management system for departing employees

Make employee offboarding a burdenless process and hassle-free with our completely paperless and automated exit management system. Reduce delays, recover company assets and loan advances, settle pending dues, and ensure a seamless departure process.

Paperless offboarding

Allow departing employees to complete all necessary deboarding forms and let me participate in the surveys online. Settle employee’s outstanding dues and benefits, giving them tax-related documents such as Provisional Form 16, Form 12 BB and TDS certificates, recover company assets, recover any outstanding loans, and more, with a single integrated system.

Paperless offboarding

Custom offboarding checklist

Create clearance offboarding checklists that need to be completed within set deadlines to avoid irrelevant departure delays and automate tasks like disabling employee accounts, knowledge handbook transfer, exit interviews, and more.

Custom offboarding checklist

Real-time progress tracking

Track the progress of employee offboarding in real-time and monitor the status of all offboarding tasks. Generate custom and automated reminders for employees to avoid delays in the exit process.

Real-time progress tracking

What is Exit Management?

What is Exit Management

Exit Management refers to the process of managing an employee’s exit from an organization. It includes a range of sequential activities, such as managing final payments, collecting company assets, and deactivating employee accounts to revoke access to company systems. A streamlined exit management system not only minimizes the risk of offboarding errors, but also ensures compliance with legal requirements. 

Manual exit processes are often time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delays in final settlements, recovery of company assets and deactivation of accounts. Without a streamlined system, the risk of data breaches and loss of company equipment are escalated. Additionally, the struggle of collecting feedback from departing employees becomes a taxing proposition. 

Our automated exit management system makes offboarding hassle-free and completely paperless with custom checklists that cover every aspect of the deboarding process.

From managing full and final settlements, tax, and loan recoveries to collecting company assets and obtaining approvals, our system automates every aspect of the exit process.

Our system also offers real-time progress tracking, which allows companies to track the status of each task and identify bottlenecks or delays. This ensures that the exit management process is completed without any delays, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both the employee and the employer.

Why choose Paysquare exit management system?

Employee offboarding can be a taxing proposition leading to hefty documentation and delays. Streamline your exit process and streamline the tracking of critical documentation, exit requests, exit approvals, custom checklists, asset recovery, final settlement, and more.

Exit Request and Approval

Exit Request and Approval

  • Exit process can be initiated by employees. HR, or the Management authorities can also initiate the exit process in case of termination.
  • Request is routed to the relevant departments such asHR, and reporting managers for approvals. This ensures a transparent and hierarchical approval process.
  • Notice period and LWD of employees is generated through the system post approval from all the departments.
  • Exit requests can be withheld or rejected by the concerned department or management team under certain circumstances.

Asset Management and Full and Final Settlement

  • Outstanding dues are calculated automatically including bonuses, incentives, reimbursements, and more, and settled before the final departure of the employee.
  • Allows employees to download all certificates, such as employment certificate, experience letter, resignation letter, tax related documents, etc.
  • Recover assets that are under possession of the employee such as company equipment.
  • Issue ‘No due certificate’ after settling the dues pertaining to leave encashments, loan recovery and advances payments.
  • Automated calculation of applicable taxes of the employee and ensure all entitlements are cleared concerning any outstanding benefits.

Exit workflow

  • Create custom offboarding checklists that ensures all tasks are completed related to employee departure. Employee self-deboarding to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner, with no dependency on the higher management.
  • Set specific deadlines for each offboarding task to assure no delays in the departure process.
  • Automate specific tasks such as disabling employee accounts and revoke access from company systems.
  • Definite set of resignation questionnaires for departing employees, to help understand the reason behind departure and analyze workforce trends to improve company culture.
Real-time progress tracking

Real-time progress tracking

  • Allows HR personnel to monitor the exit process from a centralized location with customizable dashboards, providing a detailed overview of each employee’s exit journey.
  • Equipped with automated reminders, sending alerts to HR Managers when a task is completed, notifying them about any potential delays.
  • Allow both HR Managers and employees to track progress, receive regular updates, and identify bottlenecks that need to be addressed.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on employee offboarding.

Optimize your Employee departure process with our robust exit management system

One click offboarding

Initiate the offboarding process for multiple employees with one single click.

Generate custom offboarding checklists for each employee, ensuring a smooth and error-free exit process.

Quick and hassle-free asset recovery, ensuring all company property and equipment are accounted for before employee’s departure.

Specify offboarding deadlines and upload relevant exit documents to be completed.

One click offboarding
Efficient asset management

Efficient asset management

Seamless and hassle-free recovery of company assets during employee offboarding, minimizing chances of loss or damage to valuable company resources.

Easily assign assets to employees, track their usage, and recover in just a few clicks.

Generate detailed asset reports that give you a comprehensive overview of all the assets assigned to a particular employee and their current status.

Task automation

Automate routine tasks such as revoking access to company systems, collecting company assets, initiating full and final settlements in one single click.

Create exit checklists that can be customized according to organization specific requirements.

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by automated generation of necessary documents such as NDAs, exit interview forms, and separation letters.


Centralized document management

Collect and store important employee documents during offboarding. A centralized platform allows employees to upload and share relevant documents.

Access controls ensure enhanced data security and guarantees documents stored in a centralized location are safe from unauthorized access.

HR can easily access offboarding documents for reference or audit purposes. Documents can be quickly and easily retrieved and transferred to the employee’s manager or new HR team upon their exit, ensuring a smooth transition.

Join hands with over 1500+ happy and satisfied customers

Our automated exit management system simplest and streamlines the offboarding process to ensure a smooth exit for your employees. Depart your employees professionally.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Exit management system and how does it work?

An exit management system is a platform that helps organizations manage the process of an employee leaving the company, also known as offboarding. The goal of such a system is to streamline the offboarding processes, ensure compliance with legal requirements, protect company assets and data, and maintain a positive relationship with the departing employee.

An exit management system typically works by providing a centralized platform where HR teams can manage various offboarding tasks, such as collecting employee feedback, collecting company assets, and informing relevant stakeholders of the departure.

The system may also automate some of these tasks, such as sending reminders, generating exit interview questions, and creating reports. Additionally, the system may provide analytics and insights into the reasons behind employee departures, which can inform HR strategies for improving employee retention.

An exit management system can help organizations manage the offboarding process more efficiently and effectively, which can benefit both the departing employee and the company as a whole.

How can an exit management system benefit my company?

An exit management system can benefit your company in multiple ways.

Firstly, it can streamline the exit process and ensure that all necessary tasks are completed, such as collecting company assets, completing necessary offboarding documentation and allow employees to download certificates like employment letter, experience letter, tax related documents, and more.

Secondly, it can help maintain positive relationships with exiting employees and prevent any negative impact on company reputation.

Additionally, it can also provide valuable data for future workforce planning and talent acquisition. Overall, an effective exit management system can help your company reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance the overall employee experience.

What features should I look for in an exit management system?

When selecting an exit management system, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your organization. Look for a system that offers a comprehensive set of features to ensure a smooth offboarding process for your departing employees. Here are some key features to look for:

  • Custom offboarding checklists tailored to your company’s specific processes and policies.
  • Automated processes such as disabling employee accounts and recovering company assets.
  • Capability to recover ongoing loans, disbursement of outstanding dues and employee benefits, and gratuity amounts.
  • Robust reporting and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the offboarding process and identify trends over time.
  • Document management capabilities to securely store and manage sensitive employee data.
  • Ability to set up automated reminders and notifications for upcoming exits and deadlines.
  • Ability to track and monitor the progress of the offboarding process in real-time.
  • Security measures to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive employee data during the exit process.

Can an exit management system be customized to fit my company’s specific needs?

Yes, an exit management system can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs. Different companies have different requirements when it comes to managing employee exits, and a good exit management system should be able to accommodate these unique needs.

This includes the ability to customize offboarding checklists, automate processes such as disabling employee accounts and recovering company assets, and manage outstanding dues and employee benefits in a way that is tailored to your company’s policies and procedures. It’s important to choose an exit management system that is flexible and adaptable, so that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

With DeliziaHR’s exit management module, create custom offboarding checklists, automate key processes such as disabling employee accounts and recovering company assets, and manage disbursement of outstanding dues and employee benefits.

Our system is also designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with real-time reporting and analytics to help you track and manage the offboarding process more effectively. With our exit management system, you can streamline your offboarding process, reduce errors and delays, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition for both your departing employees and your company as a whole.

How does an exit management system ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations?

An exit management system ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations by automating and streamlining the offboarding process. The system can be configured to follow the company’s policies, guidelines, and legal regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

It can also generate reports and track the entire exit process, including employee feedback and exit interviews, ensuring that all relevant information is recorded and accessible.

DeliziaHR’s exit management system is designed to comply with the latest labor laws and regulations. The system provides customizable templates for various regulatory compliance requirements, including forms and documents.

Additionally, the system allows companies to configure their own checklists, ensuring that their specific requirements are met.

The system’s automated processes, such as disabling employee accounts, recovering company assets, and disbursing outstanding dues and benefits, are designed to ensure compliance with labor laws while also saving time and effort.

Can an exit management system help with efficient asset management and employee offboarding tasks?

Yes, an exit management system can help with efficient asset management and employee offboarding tasks. When an employee leaves the company, it’s important to recover all company assets that were in their possession such as laptops, phones, access cards, and other equipment.

With an exit management system, the process of asset recovery can be streamlined and automated. The system can generate automated tasks for the concerned team members responsible for asset recovery and can also provide real-time status updates on the progress of these tasks.

In addition, an exit management system can also help manage the offboarding process for employees. The system can create a customized offboarding checklist specific to the employee’s role, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed before their departure. This may include completing outstanding projects, conducting knowledge transfer sessions, and returning company assets.

Can an exit management system help improve company culture and employee retention rates?

A well-designed exit management system can also help improve company culture by providing a sense of closure and ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed in a timely and professional manner. This can send a positive message to remaining employees that the organization values their contributions and takes employee wellbeing seriously.

DeliziaHR’s exit management system provides a comprehensive offboarding solution that includes customizable checklists, automated processes, and real-time progress tracking, ensuring a smooth and secure transition for both the organization and departing employees.

With features such as asset recovery, disbursement of benefits and dues, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations, DeliziaHR’s exit management system can help improve company culture and employee retention rates.

Can a centralized document management system help with organizing and accessing offboarding documentation?

A centralized document management system can greatly simplify the offboarding process by allowing HR personnel to easily upload, organize, and access important documentation related to employee offboarding.

With all documentation stored in one place, HR can more efficiently manage the offboarding process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, this can help improve data security and confidentiality during offboarding, as all documents can be securely stored and accessed only by authorized personnel.

A centralized document management system can also save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual document management and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced documentation. Overall, implementing a centralized document management system can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the offboarding process.

How can real-time progress tracking help avoid delays in the offboarding process?

Real-time progress tracking is an important feature of an efficient offboarding system. With this feature, companies can monitor the offboarding process for each employee and identify bottlenecks that can cause delays.

By keeping track of the progress in real-time, the HR team can intervene quickly in case there are any issues and ensure that the process moves smoothly and efficiently.

This feature also helps to ensure that all the necessary tasks are completed on time and in the right order. For example, if the company needs to recover any assets from the employee, it can track the progress of the asset recovery process and ensure that nothing is missed.

Additionally, real-time progress tracking can help HR teams to manage and allocate resources more effectively.

How can a custom offboarding checklist ensure that all necessary tasks are completed before an employee’s departure?

A custom offboarding checklist can be an effective tool in ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed before an employee’s departure. The checklist can include all tasks related to the offboarding process, such as collecting company property , returning company assets, complete necessary offboarding documentation, and finalizing full and final settlement.

By customizing the checklist to your company’s specific needs, you can ensure that nothing is missed, and the offboarding process is completed efficiently.

The custom offboarding checklist also serves as a communication tool between the employee and the offboarding team, enabling clear communication of all necessary tasks and timelines. This can help to avoid any misunderstandings or delays in the process.

Using a centralized platform to manage the offboarding process, including the custom checklist, can provide transparency and ensure that progress is tracked in real-time. This can help to avoid any delays and keep everyone informed of the status of the offboarding process.

Is it possible to give employees control over their own offboarding process with a self-deboarding feature?

Yes, it is possible to give employees control over their own offboarding process with a self-deboarding feature. This feature allows employees to initiate the offboarding process.

DeliziaHR offers a self-deboarding feature as part of our offboarding system. Our system allows departing employees to access a personalized offboarding portal, where they can complete tasks, view important information, and track their progress.

Our system also ensures data security and confidentiality, as only authorized personnel can access sensitive employee information.

Can I automate tasks like disabling employee accounts and initiate full and final settlements with one single click?

DeliziaHR’s exit management module offers automated processes for tasks such as disabling employee accounts and initiating full and final settlements. With just one click, employers can easily ensure that all offboarding tasks are completed efficiently and in compliance with company policies and legal requirements.

The module also provides a centralized platform for managing and tracking the offboarding process, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner. This not only streamlines the process but also reduces the likelihood of errors and delays, ultimately saving time and resources for the company.

Let’s start your exit management journey with us. Say No to cluttered employee exits and depart your employees professionally