Although you may still want to hire permanent staff because the timing may be right, consider temporary staffing to ensure cost-effectiveness. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about a temporary staffing agency. When the pandemic started in 2020, the unemployment rate increased and business budgets struggled – a lot. During this time, the need for various business services was still here. However, the lack of money compelled businesses to look for other cost-effective staffing solutions. As a result, the need for temporary staffing increased because it helps in meeting business requirements. But, before you select one temp staffing agency, consider the following factors. Check out everything that you need to know about the temporary staffing agency to receive optimum ROI.

What Factors Should You Consider For Temporary Staffing?

When you start hiring in-house employees for every off-season demand or peak season requirement, you are spending extra money that your budget might not be able to accommodate. In place of this expenditure, you can hire temporary staff and meet urgent business needs.

A temp staffing agency can help you hire staff quickly without any hassle. But, to select the right temp staffing solution, such as Paysquare, you need to consider the following factors. Read on and make the right decision for your business.


Is the temp staffing agency equipped to handle your requirements?

The first thing that you need to check is if they specialize in your field. If you belong to the software development industry but the temp staffing agency is known for the accounting industry, how will you get skilled employees?

Either choose a provider that offers temporary staff in various domains or find someone who is specialized in your field or industry. This will give your expertise, quick hires, quality staff, and less hassle.


The idea behind using a temporary staffing agency is to hire people quickly in an easy manner with minimal onboarding difficulties. Hence, check their onboarding process.

Do you need to go through the entire onboarding process like a full-time employee?

Will you get temp staff that is equipped to quickly get to work?

Knowing every requirement for onboarding will tell you the feasibility of hiring temp staff on a project basis. For instance, if you need an employee for a month-long project but a week is spent on onboarding, then what will be your ROI? Will you get the desired output from this type of service? It is highly unlikely.

So, understand the following:

      • From where are they getting their employees?
      • Do they complete background checks to ensure employee reliability?
      • Do they personally interview and shortlist candidates?
      • Do they have regular processes to simplify onboarding and paperwork for your organization?

Service Quality

You need to ensure that the employee sent to your organization is reliable and high-quality. If you are giving money to the temp staffing agency for temp staff hiring, then they should spend time offering skilled and qualified employees.

They should offer the following:

      • Transparent processes and compliance procedures
      • Strict adherence to timelines
      • Support for customer issues and grievances


When selecting a temporary staffing agency, ensure that they are reliable and reputable. Check the following:

      • Experience of multiple years in this field or specific industry
      • Market name for offering good temp staff
      • Reviews offered by previous customers
      • Reviews on online channels, such as Facebook and Twitter

Additionally, sign a proper agreement to make sure that you are legally backed up in case things go downhill.

Business Requirements

The last pointer is more about your business than the temp staffing solution.

Even before you start searching for temporary staffing agencies, you need to evaluate your requirements.

      • What type of people do you need?
      • What is the duration of your project?
      • Do you need additional hands on deck for the peak season?
      • Are you planning to permanently hire these employees?
      • What is your budget?

Costs of Temp Staffing Agency

Temporary staffing services are utilized by many companies. The reason behind this is that it costs way less than hiring too many employees in your organization. When you hire a temp staff, you don’t need to take care of their salaries, emergency leaves, or upskilling. There are so many costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

Consider a case where you need an employee for one month of peak season. You would still be paying for this employee to sit on the desk when the peak season is over. In temporary staffing, this is eliminated. All you need to do is hire temp staff on a project basis and pay for the services you acquire. The other hassles are eliminated, such as the cost of insurance, tax deductions, etc.

Legal Considerations of Hiring Temporary Employees

Every temporary staff that you hire for your organization through a temp staffing agency is covered under the Contract Labour Act 1970. This states that the temp staff is an employee of the given temp staffing agency. But, the organization that is using these resources would become the principal employer according to this Act’s provisions.

Therefore, if the temp staffing agency is not able to pay the salary of the temp staff, then the principal employer becomes responsible for this. However, the principal employer gets the statutory right to get this money back from the recruitment agency.

Other than this, the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013 covers every temp staff. This law is made to cover every women employee regardless of their employment status in the company, age, or any other factor.

Can You Reduce Overtime With temp Staffing Solutions?

Temporary staffing is designed to help you reduce overtime and improve the cost-effectiveness of the business. in reality, overtime comes with a lot of issues. Your employees get exhausted, which reduces your productivity.

A better option is temporary staffing which will eliminate overheads and reduce the burden on your employees.

Let’s see how you can decrease overtime with temporary staffing:

Handle Peak Demands

During the peak season of the business, it is necessary to have enough people on board. This helps in product manufacturing or service delivery. At this time, temporary staffing helps in meeting the peak production or service demands by offering the flexibility of paying the employee on an hourly basis.

Think about it, you can easily hire people when there’s a rise in demand and terminate the contract when the requirements decrease. This intelligently manages your budget and peak temporary staff demands.

Sometimes, even when the business has the requirement and budget to hire full-time employees for the peak season, they are unable to find people quickly for the position. In this case too, temporary staffing is a blessing in disguise. It helps in using temp staff on a contract basis for the peak season.

Cover Employee Vacations

Temporary staffing requirements occur when you need to hire people for the peak season. But it also occurs when your employees are currently on leaves. For instance, one of your leading employees is on maternity or paternity leave. So, they are unable to help you. In this short duration, you can hire temporary staff to fulfil business requirements, as it would not make sense to hire a full-time employee for this short-term requirement. That would unnecessarily waste the money of the organization – you would pay the current employee as well as the new employee. Therefore, temp staffing is a better solution.

The bottom line here is that temporary staffing agencies like Paysquare equip you to survive even when you have a shortage of resources.

Meet Project Demands

There are many projects that running out of deadlines or require expertise in a particular area. However, if you don’t necessarily get these types of projects, it may not be intelligent to hire a full-time employee for this purpose. You would end up paying this employee month after month without any major work.

Hence, a better solution is to utilize temporary staffing and hire people for specific tasks. This will help you meet the demands of a project and avoid the hassles of hiring a full-time employee.


Temporary staffing is a solution that is tailormade for every type of business. When you need people to urgently meet client requirements but budget drawbacks and recruitment bottlenecks are stopping you, a temp staffing agency can help. This is because temporary staffing ensures experienced and skilled employees quickly. In the pandemic, this option is particularly cost-effective and efficient for many businesses. During the peak season, you don’t need to go on an employee hunt and put a dent in your budget. In place of this, you can utilize temp staffing solutions. The best temp staffing agency is Paysquare. Our decades of experience in the industry enables us to cater to user demands without any hassle. We can offer you temporary staff on-demand without delay or any difficulty. Check our website and know more about our temp staffing solution.

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