Why to outsource the payroll tasks to the payroll outsourcing companies? Be it a small scale company, medium size enterprise or a huge MNC, there is a common task that has to be done by each one of these, i.e. processing of the payroll. Independent of the employer size, the payroll tasks are not only restricted to writing paychecks and handing them over to the employees on time but there’s more to it. In addition, maintenance of record and a detailed calculation of the budget, salary as well as applicable taxes has to be done. Since it’s quite a daunting task and not the core job of most of the businesses, therefore, it is a wise decision to hand over the payroll tasks to the payroll outsourcing companies, while you concentrate solely on your core business. Following are some of the benefits of hiring payroll outsourcing companies:- Efficient use of office space Management of payroll services requires a lot of time as well as resources to process the payroll. Ideally, the company has to allocate a dedicated area to the payroll team in the office. This means that the area that could have been used to expand the core business, gets blocked due to the necessity of the in-house payroll department. A better alternative is to use the space for the core business and outsource the payroll services. This will allow the business to convert the non-revenue generating area (in-house payroll department) into a revenue contributing area as the core business activities can now be initiated in the freed up space. Cost of space to run in-house vs outsource the tasks to payroll companies:- While calculating the profit and loss at the end of the year, the business always tries to find out ways to reduce the expenses and one such area of discussion is mostly the in-house payroll department. Ideally running an in-house payroll department means that a dedicated space would need to be assigned along with the other essential office resources. Alternatively, when you decide to outsource the payroll task to company, following will be the economic advantages that your business derives:-
  • The already occupied space gets free for expanding the business operations
  • The office resources does not go waste
  • Since the outsourced payroll companies work on multiple accounts at a time, therefore the per seat cost as compared to the in-house payroll department, falls considerably. Hence, the business can actually improve its profit by reducing the expenditure on the payroll tasks
Compliances Since the payroll outsourcing companies are in the core job of managing the payroll tasks of companies of various niches, they are aware of all the central and the state compliances which a particular business needs to follow. They have a specific department which keeps a track of all the new laws to which a business needs to be compliant too. Therefore it helps in saving unnecessary penalties that may have occurred with an in-house payroll management. From the discussed points, it is quite evident that it makes sense to outsource the payroll operations to a payroll company. Out of the various payroll outsourcing companies in Pune, Paysquare is one of the trusted brand, which has been serving various clients of diverse niches since decades.

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