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  • Our experience enables us to provide driven and accurate payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh.

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Are internal payroll processes bothering you?

Are you not able to improve employee payroll experience?

Payroll processes include challenging tasks like payroll management, calculations, MIS reporting, auditing, assessments, risk management, compliance control, and many more. Managing all these activities in-house without support from experienced professionals can become complicated as your team grows.
Payroll processing services in Bangladesh can help you mitigate risks factorsand errors to ensure seamless payroll management. These risk factors involve non-compliance, calculation errors, faulty tax filings, and other payroll-related errors incurring penalties and fines.
We can help you eliminate these risk factors, you only need toconnect with us and reveal your requirements. We will help you smoothen workflows, dispatch payroll on time, ensure tax efficiency, and achieve payroll accuracy.
Hire a payroll outsourcing company in Bangladesh: let us handle your payroll while you handle strategic and core business operations.

Benefits of Payroll Processing


Third-party payroll outsourcing in Bangladesh is time-efficient. Remember those long hours trying to figure out the salaries of every employee? You don’t need to spend time on payroll calculations anymore.


With international payroll outsourcing, you can get a centralized structure for your payroll activities in different countries. This streamlining of payroll processes in different regions ensures high-quality execution of activities.


Payroll outsourcing solutions in Bangladesh are designed for accuracy and reliability, as every employee in your organization gets accurate payroll on time, which also helps you avoid non-compliance and errors.


When outsourcing payroll processes, every business is worried about data security and privacy. In reality, your data is more secure in protected tech-enabled systems of the payroll outsourcing company.


When important activities come up, you may leave behind payroll tasks. Your payroll partner is experienced and skilled in this area, so you get accurate and timely payroll dispatch every single time.


Usually, outsourcing payroll processes includes a self-service portal. This portal reduces your burden and helps your employees resolve minimal queries themselves. For example, payslips, leave management, etc.


Cost-Effective Services

Paysquare’s payroll management service in Bangladesh iscost-effective, and there are no initial capital expenses. For example,the cost of new hardware, new staff, tech maintenance, etc. You only need to pay a monthly fee.


We help you automate many calculations and tax operations. Our technology allows automated payroll calculation of taxes and management of sensitive documents, which reduces your burden greatly.

Payroll Consulting

When your team needs support while executing certain HR activities, you can consult us. From correct payroll infrastructure to internal process management and compliance, we help you achieve payroll excellence.


Our expertise in payroll management services in Bangladesh helps us manage your payroll structure and follow international guidelines without glitches. We are even equipped to handle glitches and unexpected disruptions.

Industry Experience

We have been in the payroll outsourcing industry for more than two decades. This experience helps us cater to specific and unique business requirements in different industries and varied geographical regions.

Talented Team

Every person on ourteam is carefully handpicked to deliver experience and state-of-art payroll management skills. Hence, we are able to ensure efficient and high-quality payroll outsourcing services.

Trusted Payroll Outsourcing Partner in Bangladesh

When you are unable to fulfill payroll requirements in-house because the obligations and commitments are just too much, you need a trusted payroll outsourcing provider in Bangladesh.

Paysquare is a payroll outsourcing service in Bangladesh offering reliable and agile services.
Paysquare has designed its outsourcing services to help you extract maximum efficiency, ROI, and benefits. Not only do we help you calculate and manage payroll but also improve the operational efficiency of this department along with user experience.

It is not hard to decipher that our knowledge in the domain paired with experience in payroll outsourcing in India helps us utilize our skills in extensive, complicated, and time-consuming payroll activities.

Why Paysquare?

Payroll is a competitive and dynamic landscape, where things change before we see it. Many tax laws, compliance regulations, and payroll calculations dynamically evolve and we need to keep adjusting to these changing environments to avoid risks.

Paysquare has two decades of experience, which empowers us to adjust to this dynamic industry. Not only you can trust us with your payroll accuracy but also receive consulting, support, and expert advice whenever required.

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Multi-location payroll services

Use of the latest and enhanced technology

Customized packages for SMEs and large companies

Quick resolution support


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How Paysquare is one of the best payroll outsourcing companies in Bangladesh?

Paysquare has two decades of experience in payroll outsourcing in India, and we draw upon that experience to offer optimum support, payroll guidance, and accuracy to companies in Bangladesh.

What are the challenges faced by HR while processing payroll in Bangladesh?

Common payroll challenges faced by HR are:

  • Inaccurate results
  • Compliance issues
  • Wrong tax calculations
  • Time-consuming activities
  • Poor knowledge
  • Changing rules

How to choose the perfect payroll service provider in Bangladesh?

To choose the perfect payroll provider in Bangladesh, look out for the following:

  • Industry experience
  • Online reviews
  • Services included
  • Cost of payroll outsourcing
  • Support center efficiency
  • Data security support

Is it worth hiring a Third-Party Payroll Provider in Bangladesh?

It is definitely worth hiring a third-party payroll provider in Bangladesh. It helps you reduce the cost of payroll, eliminate errors, and improve ROI.

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