With the summer workload kicking in, several companies have started hiring their fleet of summer employees. However, in some industries, employee retention rates are worse than customer churn rates, with low employee satisfaction being not the only reason.  In fact, a survey by an American staffing agency reported that employee satisfaction is going up by the day. Nevertheless, a competitively growing industry and new companies with better offers (aesthetic and monetary) pop up every now and cause loss of employee retention – a serious issue. If you’re hiring temporary employees this season, bear in mind that they are going to become your company’s extended family. They are going be a part of your company’s culture and are going to be the reason for your momentary success or failure.  If some of them are unmotivated or below the mark, it may seriously compromise your financial graphs and perhaps, the overall work atmosphere in your company. While some employers may overlook the quality of work temporary employees put in, their flaws may cost the company hefty revenues. Nine out 10 staffing employees say they were satisfied with their staffing company.  

Motivation goes a long way when it comes to boosting your temporary employees’ spirit. Making your employee feel unwanted, or an unwelcome secondary addition to the team may cause them to lose confidence and enthusiasm to put in their best. It is therefore, important to make them realize their importance and contribution to the company’s goals and objectives, without making fake promises. 

A happy and motivated employee not only lasts longer, but also gives you a satisfied customer base.

Here are a few tips to raise your temp work force’s spirit:

1.    Ask and Listen to Them 

You must engage your temporary employees in regular conversations on a personal and professional level – just like you would with your permanent employees. Give them problem statements to solve and not just orders to carry. That would make them feel important and help activate their creative sides, something that could reflect positively in their work. 

Ask your temporary employees how can you improve their working space, their job descriptions and take an interest in their issues. You may not always adhere to or accept their suggestions, but there’s no harm in considering. 

A few ideas that can work are: 

  1. Have a suggestion box and encourage your temporary employees to add in their suggestion. 
  2. Start a kaizen program – a program dedicated to ‘improving’ the existing quality and scenario of work.
  3. Set up an improvement committee, a passive way that is sometimes effective in addressing temporary employee issues.

2. Tackle the need for more employees carefully 

Business owners often don’t foresee the need of a temp work force. This leads to a below-the-mark work force. Instead, the hiring party should sit and take note of the number of workers required over the season, the exact qualities they should posses and the duration of the contract. These three things should be crystal clear in the employer’s mind. 

During interviews, one aspect to focus on would be a candidate's energy level and their willingness to learn and work. Skills can be taught, but ethics cannot! Potential candidates must be queried about specific times they have navigated tight deadlines swiftly and gracefully, saved their teams by pitching in strategies to overcome difficult goals and the like. 

For  temporary employees, you do not require a bunch of experts but a bunch of diligent and hard working individuals that won’t give up and would watch your back against all odds. And this is often where people go wrong.

Getting these specifics right can help you maintain an enthusiastic aura at your workspace and ensure that your temporary employees deliver their best .

3.    Adopt a Smart Training Methodology

Training is an important resource that your flexi employees depend upon. Not providing senior staff mentoring and not calling your temporary employees to meetings is a huge mistake because training isn’t just a week long module. Also, if you feel training is a waste of time, you’re absolutely wrong. 

Temp employees can hardly figure out things on their own when they know nothing about your source of passion and why you are different from your competitors.

First and foremost, never front load all your training. It is boring for your employees, which means they wouldn’t remember anything by the end of it. Give them time to soak in the essence of your company and your goals. Provide training in short nuggets throughout the tenure. This would keep them interested and give them sufficient time to practice and retain the information provided. 

Asking your full-time employees to give peer-to-peer training to their temporary counterparts which works really well. It may be extra effective if they sit with them throughout their first task, for instance – making a phone call to a customer, and minutely analyze their work. 

Also, encouraging your full-time employees to praise the temporary employees on even minor accomplishments can help them feel more welcomed at your company as well as motivate them to put in their best foot at work.

4.    Reward Your Temporary Workers

Saying a ‘thank you’ can also be considered as a reward. It is pretty simple to do and very effective in practice. Personally thanking your temporary employees at regular intervals and whenever they make your life easier works charms and boosts their morale in ways unfathomable.

However, that alone is not enough. You must step up your reward game. You must surely have an end of the quarter bonus for your regular employees, so why not set one for your temporary employees as well? 

You can probably give them goals and on completion of those, you can give them a small bonus. This would keep up their competitive spirits. Small competitions are another interesting activity to include. You can reward winners with small gifts, not necessarily money. This would go a long way in keeping your temporary workers coming to the office daily and working diligently.

However, be careful about what rewards are you offering. Over 10 years of studies show that sometimes when bonuses and rewards are too high they may hinder growth. Employees feel punished when not given a reward at an expected interval. So stick to inexpensive rewards like buying them lunch on a Friday or sending out gift cards after a successful leap.

5.    Employ a Professional Temporary Staffing Service

Procuring the services of a temp staffing agency has plenty of benefits. But before we get to those, let’s look at a few basic concepts first:

How much do staffing agencies take from your pay and how do they make money?

Often, staffing agencies bring in employees and place them in your company. In return they ask for a percentage of his/her total salary, a percentage which pales in comparison to all the hassle you’re relieved of, in hiring one.

I don’t want to hire one. How do I start my own employment agency? 

The paperwork is honestly not much and an employment agency is easy to launch. You just have to take 4 careful steps:

  1. Get a relevant license and register yourself. For this, you may have to spend some time browsing through the sort of industry you want to work in. Health can be relatively complex to launch in the beginning.
  2. Get the right insurance policy to free you from liabilities. If you’re placing long term employees, you will have to get your workers insured as well. Get an insurance agent and decide upon a good enough plan.
  3. Figure out your tax plan.
Read the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidelines and fulfill their requirements.

Now, if you’re ready to employ a temp staffing agency, you are already ready to handle the extra workload. Not only do staffing agencies take care of your payroll and compliance related functionalities, they also make sure other nitty-gritty details like insurance, etc. are taken care of effectively and efficiently.

You can expect a CTC-based salary statement, details of retained amount, details of salary register, a compliance conformation report per month, and a settlement case for separated employees for each and every employee.

Paysquare’s Temporary Staffing services ensure good resources to ensure quality work at times of uncertainty. We take care of CTC including all components of earnings and deductions, Insurance plans, leave policy, retrial policy, reimbursement and claims policy and provide an excellent report at the end of the employee’s tenure. We take over all your HR hassles and allow you to move on freely with your projects. Click here to schedule a demo today or call us on +91 98508 88303 to speak to our sales consultant. 


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